Wednesday, 14 July 2010

OoTD - Outfit for a day of long shopping!


I went shopping in central London and I thought to take some pictures for you to show you what I like to wear on a mild day.  It's a simple nautical dress with a long white cardigan.  I haven't pictures for shoes but imagine snake skin blue pumps! 

Dress - Apricot
Cardigan - Uniqlo
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - River Island
(L'Oreal Hip High Intensity Pigment Stick from



Cherry x


vanity-fashionista said...

Cute outfit :D
Your hair looks amazing.
Beautiful ♥

Holly said...

Love the simple cardigan, I keep seeing the name 'UNIQLO' popping up, they seem to have some really cool women's clothing.

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