Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Nail(s) of the day! - Mom, Sis and Me!

On the very rare occasion, my sister, mother and I will congregate together in the kitchen to do our nails and its usually just something to do whilst we spend time together.  My Mum works in a food environment so she doesn't wear nail polish on her fingers and only does so on her toes!  I'm the opposite although I have been making a bit more effort recently.  My Sister does both - well, go figure! 

Here are some pictures of everyone's nails!


These are my sister's nails and she has this fascination with bright green colours so she put together this very gorgeous combo of I <3 Rimmel's Green Grass as a base and then OPI's Call My Cell-ery on top.  She's added a pretty flower sticker embellishment.  Overall, a gorgeous, flamboyant, summer's green set of nails!

I, on the other hand, went for something I never usually do which is a red.  I tend only to wear reds on special occasions but because I really wanted to try out this Zoya nail polish which was a gift, I decided to go all out and do both hands and feet in red!  I am in love with this formulation, might I say it's just as good as OPI?  This is one coat, smooth application, hassle free and dried in no time.  Where can we UK peeps get this? 
This shade is in 'Salma' so I'm going to channel my inner Mediterranean goddess and maybe put a flower in my hair.  I also added a simple flower embellishment using a few rhinestones.  I'm not a big fan of sticking things on my nails when it's too hot so i stuck to one nail!  That's enough bling for me!  

So Mum decided to mess around with my nail polishes.  She proudly said that she has never tried any other nail colours but reds and pinks and so wanted to see what other colours were like.  What do you think suits her the most?


"south side"


Hope everyone is having a lovely week,


Cherry x


Kei Kei said...

Your Mum is outrageous haha...Love it. Its good to have those moments. xoxo

Zxenarea said...

Lovely nails!
Hahaha....your mom is rocking her nails! :)

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