Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A small drugstore haul


Well, I couldn't help myself.

Superdrug Flower Shaped Make-up Wedges


It's summer time and it's this hotter season that I use sponges to apply my foundation because it gives a much sheerer application when used in conjunction with a mist (such as MAC's Fix+ or The Body Shop's Vitamin E Mist).  I know some people dislike using sponges but I find it gives a much more natural finish and leaves a fantastic streak free application.  I prefer these flower shaped ones, I originally used the ones from the Cosmopolitan brands but they seemed to have disappeared off of the shelves so these will hopefully work well!


St Ives Radiance Cleanser & Apricot Scrub


Those who know me will remember my obsession and love of St Ives...and who doesn't?  Well I'm back on a mission to zap my skin back to the way it used to be!  i used to have pretty good skin; an even complexion, blemish free and smooth, soft and supple.  Nowadays I have a lot of blemishes, it's dull, lack lustre, greasier and at the same time very dry!  So my skin has been causing me havoc more a long, long, long time now and so I'm going back to my old routes.  St Ives is currently doing an offer of BOGOF on St Ives products so I'm going to start off on the gentle cleansing then go into the blemish fighting just to get my face used to it.  This is because I spotted (haha) another face wash I'm curious to try out.


Simple's New Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash

DSC08824Having recently been very impressed with some Simple products, I've decided to give one of their newest face washes ago.  I used to use a few Simple products but was never a devoted fan but recently have rediscovered the brand.  Besides the fancy packaging and interesting claim to work from day 1, this attracts me because it's supposed to be gentle as well.  I'm really hoping for a tiny miracle in this ...!   Fingers crossed everyone!


Maybelline's Diamond Glow Eye shadow quad in "Bronze Drama"

I don't think I've bought eye shadow in a long time because I just have so much it was getting ridiculous.  It's not often you can use up an eye shadow, especially when you have the amount I have, so I promised not to buy any more new eye shadows.  However I just could not help buying this quad because I think the arrangement of colours are gorgeous and this will look wonderful for the summer.  I can't wait to try it out!


TBS's Soft Hands Kind Heart charity Hand Cream


Has anyone noticed the recent "hard-sell" approach The Body Shop staff have adopted in stores when selling to their customers?  I've noticed this more than a lot of people because I used to love their gentle and laid back approach (not quite 'Lush' hippie, dreamy gentle, but just soft sell type attitude) but the more i go into TBS, (which is a lot) I keep getting bombarded by offers, deals an promotions.  Putting this aside because from a business point of view I can see why they are pushing their staff to do so, I sometimes think it makes me more reluctant to go in.  I mean, if I need help, I will ask, trust me.  TBS, take note!
Anyone I was sold his hand cream which cost me £5 but a good percentage of this goes towards helping to stop child trafficking and in the end was contributing to a good cause.  I tried it out in store and it was great to use; it sunk in quick, was no greasy, smelled non offensive and wasn't too expensive.  So I have popped this into my make up bag to remind myself to do a little good deed from time to time and that "hard sell" is definitely the way to push goods off the shelves.


V05's Heat defence taming Spray


I've finally had enough with the liquid spritz for a hair protectant. I've tried them and I'm not a fan.  I dislike the way it flattens my hair and I don't like that I either have to wait for it to dry before applying my straighteners or I end up "teppan yaki-ing" my hair!  So I've reverted back to an old favourite I used to use in college.  As VO5 points out, this apparently doesn't protect from curling irons and hair dry (really?) so I still use their hair protectant in my hair before blow drying it.  I spray this into my hair before heat styling it and it gives glossy, light, frizz free results!  I believe the offer at Boots is 2 for £4 so hurry! 


Botanic's Organic Rose Water Toner and Face Soothing Cleansing Balm


Whenever Botanics has an offer I will also take advantage of it because I am quite a dedicated fan of this brand.  This is probably my fourth bottle of the Rosewater Toner and my third Face Soothing cleansing balm. I don't know how I manage to get through this stuff but it's the most pleasant to use and effective for me.  Right now I'm using up my Lush Toner Tabs for my toner but I might just use them up in a facial steamer because I miss using the Rosewater too much. 



DSC08830As I said, I am looking to turn the clock back on my skin and since the condition of my face has been a state, I've gained a lot of scars, uneven skin tone and marks.  Furthermore having had my mole removed, I'm looking to fade away the scar (particularly the one on my nose) as soon as possible.  I know this can work because as I child I had a large chicken pox scar on my nose and my Mum used to make me rub vitamin E oil on the scar.  Now the scar is not noticeable at all!   I would go back to this old faithful but Bio Oil contains vitamin E and I have heard so many positive things about this product.  A friend also uses this when she facial steams so I really want to give that a try!


TBS Body Scrubs in Moringa and Olive

DSC08835 DSC08836

I've never really bought TBS Body Scrubs before because for me I find they are quite expensive.  In the past I've used the Mango one and I am currently using up  my Pink Grapefruit one (which I really recommend) but having been pushed the offer of 2 for £15 (which is a bargain seeing as these babies are £12.50- each!) I took two and the ones I chose were Moringa and Olive.  Both smells are slightly strange but I picked creamier ones because I found the Grapefruit one acquired skilful hands because it's very runny.  I've been applying some fake tan recently and when I don't like it, I scrub like a mad woman so these have been great! 

That's it everyone! 


Cherry x


Anonymous said...

LOL @ teppan yaki-ing hair ^^"
great haul! i have alot of scars to treat too :/ i have vitamin e oil from holland and barratts, but it seems so sticky :S i'll be looking forward to ur review on bio oil =] tc x

Lisa Van said...

I really enjoy reading haul posts! the flower sponges look so cute, and your right sponges are really great for applying foundation. i love the boots botanics range, have you tried the make up remover? it's amazing for the price! ive never tried the two products you boughtbut they sound very promising

MilknCookiie said...

Ooh, that palette looks gorgeous. ♥ I've also heard great stuff about Bio Oil, do let us know how it works for you. :o

I'd recommend you to try out some moisturizing masks, as it will do better oil-control than any oil-controlling product there is. It will give the extra moist for your skin, so that it won't try to overcompensate it with producing oil itself. This actually helped my acne a lot, because it made my skin very happy and stopped breaking out as severely.

Erk, didn't plan to make such a long post haha. Good luck! :D

★ Cookiie

Zxenarea said...

I have the TB Olive Oil scrub. Love love LOVE it! and I think I have the coconut one as well.

Please let me know what you do with the Bio oil and facial skin can use some help and I'm always looking to try something new.

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