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My Pink Nail Polishes - Swatches

Nail polishes are quite an addiction to mine and while I do not collect for the sake of it, I do like to buy nail polishes even if I'm not going to use them all the time. If I like the colour and if I will wear it, I will buy it, but some of my nail polishes may have been used once or twice.  In saying this though I love them all equally and each one has its own story as to why I bought them. 

Last time I showed you my nail polishes collection and this time I think it would be useful to show you swatches of each colour group; this way you may see something you like and add to your own collection.  I'm starting off with the pinks because I I know its one of the more popular nail polishes colours and pink is always nice to wear in the Summer. 

You must also bare in mind that my nail polishes mostly consist of BarryM and OPI.... my two favourite brands!


No7's Stay Perfect ~ Frosted Pink ~


OK contrary to everything I've said above, this is neither an OPI or BarryM and nor does this have a story as such.  The others do I promise.  But this was given to me many many years ago therefore I can't tell you if its the right consistency or smell at all.  I can tell you if seems still in good condition; it's just very sheer and its frosty without being too shimmery.  I like.

BarryM Nail Paint ~ 279 Bright Pink ~

279 279f

True to its name, a very bright Barbie-esque Pink.  I would say its one of the more out-there pinks I have but it's definitely cute for "dress up like a little girl" night.  I picked this up because I just thought that it would be a sin to go without a 'proper' pink.  So I know that when I'm looking for something that cries out baby cute, this is the one to go for!


Shu Uemura's ~ C975 ~

c975 c975w

I actually didn't show this one in my nail polish collection post because I somehow misplaced this somewhere else.  When I rediscovered it on my desk I was ecstatic!  This pink brings back so memories.  I purchased this in Japan a few years ago and it's still in such good condition.  It's a brilliant statement pink and even though it's very loud, I find it more wearable than some other pinks.  I think this may be one of my favourite pinks and since I have rediscovered this, I want to buy more nail polishes from Shu Uemura.  This pink reminds me of Japan and its cute lolitas walking around the streets of Tokyo.  I adore this one!

China Glaze ~ Mom's Chiffon ~

momschiffonf momschiffon

I'm personally not the hugest China Glaze fan, i like them but I won't queue up for them.  However this pink caught my eye quite a while back and why I like it is because its a very pretty warm pink and it's more sophisticated.  It's soft and I feel more wearable than a lot of light pinks because it almost has a peachy tone to it.  LOVE THIS.


BarryM Nail Paint ~ 305 Pink Flamingo ~

305pinkflamingo 305pinkflamingof

This baby is very similar to China Glaze's Mom's Chiffon but I would say that Pink Flamingo slightly peachier and less 'pink' if you will.   Again, I love this colour for the same reasons why I love Mom's Chiffon.  I think it has to be one of my favourite BarryM Nail Paint shades.  I remember falling in love with this and I believe its one of my earlier BarryM Nail Paints purchased!

Rimmel 60 Seconds ~ Rose Libertine ~

roselibf roselib

I know a lot of you love this already, it's Rose Libertine!  I would say that the picture on the left, which is taken with a flash, seems more true to its colour!  It's a nice, creamier wearable pink and I really love the formula.  I adore this nail polish brush as well.  Overall a huge win for me and I know I've worn this more than once so that is saying something!

Eyeko Nail Polish ~ Tea Rose Polish ~

tearose tearosef

I can't say enough good things about the Eyeko nail polishes, it's a shame there aren't that many shades that I do fancy but I do have a few.  I particularly adore this one because its not a pink I really have a dupe for.  It reminds me of a creamy berry yogurt actually and what I love is that it's a muted out pink without any dullness, it's quite old school looking and just so CUTE.  I love this so much!

OPI Nail lacquer ~ Japanese Rose Garden ~

japrosegarden japrosegardenf

To be honest I recall buying this because I loved the name so much, typical isn't it?  But I do like this because it's one of the pinks that has a touch of purple in it.  It's soft and a more elegant kind of pink.  You could easily where this shade any time you're feeling extra feminine and it would suit everyone.  I can't say I've worn this more than once but that doesn't mean I dislike it at all!

OPI Nail Lacquer ~ Shorts Story ~

shortstory shortstoryf

I recall this polish being in a collection that OPI comes out with from time to time.  I adore this because it's bright without being loud, it's similar to Japanese Rose Garden if you added more pink and made it brighter.  Another stable favourite pink of mine!

BarryM Nail Paint ~ 302 Fushia ~

fusciaf fuscia

Here is statement pink at its best.  It's a deep hot pink and it definitely reserved for my more louder moments.  Personally I feel like you could wear this in the day but you would agree that its less wearable than say, for example, Pink Flamingo or RImmel's Rose Libertine.  This screams out edgy and hardcore so I prefer to use this in the evening. 

Topshop Limited Edition Nail Polish ~ Sunset ~

sunset sunsetw

You may have noticed this is probably the odd one out of the lots.  Beside No7's frosted pink, there are no other glittery or shimmery ones in my collection.  This is because generally I prefer matte nail polishes and I'm not sure a big fan of glitters or shimmers unless they're extra special.  Don't get me wrong, I love fancy nails and all that shebang but it's not often I will pick one like Sunset.  However I think I liked this because it reminded me of the sunset (true to its name) and it looked perfect for this summer.  The formulation for this one is actually quite sheer so you have to apply three coats if you want to see no more nails!  It does dry very quick however and I do love the gold in this nail polish, I guess it makes it interesting.  Definitely the underdog of all the pinks! 

I hope you found that remotely interesting, if you have any other pinks you think I will like, please tell me about it!  I am ALWAYS looking for nice new nail polishes to purchase.


Cherry x


sidobelei' beauty x3 said...

I got rose libertine on sat and the formula of mine is sooooo thin?
its really runny and gets streaky quick, maybe i got a faulty one =/

Sunset looks really pretty :D x

MilknCookiie said...

The Shu Uemura one is love! ♥ For some reason it really stood out to me between all the pinks.

I have a couple of Barry M nailpolishes and with the lighter shades I find it very hard to get an even coat. They usually go a bit streaky on me although the colours are very nice.

♥ Milk

*Peonies and lilies* said...

Barry M bright pink and pink flamigo are both so pretty x

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