Saturday, 24 January 2009

Review: Boots No 7 Colour Calming Make-Up Base (***)

What am I reviewing today?
This review is going to be on Boot's No.7 Colour Calming Make up Base.

What is it?
This base is like a lotion but it supposed to act as a make-up base as well as a concealer; concealing redness and rosy skin. The green base is supposed to neutralise the redness.
This product has the consistency of a light moisturiser and it has no scent and they are sold in 40ml squeezy bottles like this:


What does it claim to do

This what is claims to do, copied and pasted from

"Calm overly-rosy complexions with this clever colour corrector. Cool, sea-green tones neutralise unwanted blushes all day long, leaving your skin looking beautifully even.

With caring, conditioning ingredients to help build skin's natural defences against the elements without blocking pores.

  • Hypo-allergenic

This product is recommended if you previously bought No7 Rosy Tone Colour Control" -Boots Description

How I use it
I use this make up base before I apply foundation and after I have moisturised my skin with Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Initially I used it with my fingers as if it were a moisturiser but I found that to be ineffective and there were little if no results at all.
I then decided if I treated it like a concealer, I could possible get some results out of it therefore I used a sponge wedge and used a dabbing motion to blend in the make-up.

How it worked for me
I find if using the wedge method I see some results but not a massive difference. The redness around my nose and cheeks is neutralised but if anything its neutralised to a soft pink rather than the raw redness that I have. The redness of my blemishes are still apparently and therefore I still have to aid this produt with my concealer. I would say it did even out some of my skin tone but I can't say that it helped me out massively! Note: it seems the camera doesn't pick up the difference well, but when I looked in the mirror I did see a slight difference - not massive.

Before pic

After pic

How much does it cost and where can you buy it
This product iis a Boot's No 7 brand product so unfortunately you can only purchase it in Boots (as far as I'm aware of). However I believe Boots does do a international shipping. Currently this product costs £10.03 in Boots.

My Verdict
Personally I do not regret buying this product even though I'm not 100% happy with it because it didn't neutralise the redness on my face completely. I'm going to carry on using this product and I am happy to finish it but I don't think I'm going to buy it again simply because I'm still on the search for the ultimate redness concealer. If you want to buy it I wouldn't object or warn you because I think this has the potential for people with fairer skin tones. I think I wouldn't mind purchasing it if it were cheaper but at such a dear price for 40ml I don't think I can afford to spend money on a so-so product. I've read many reviews by other bloggers and they love it - perhaps I'm just destined for another product.

I give this product a decent 3.5 stars

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