Monday, 26 January 2009

Chinese New Year Look

Chinese New Year Look

The idea behind this look for me is to create something simple and wearable but still have the festive elements in it. With the eyes I chose golds, pinks and browns; I chose not to use red because I think it's too harsh and too statement for the day at it definitely will clash with all the red you won't stop seeing on the day.
Another element I tried to incorporate is making my skin as flawless and as 'white' as possible. Although it may seem strange for me to say it's a totally natural thing for asians to want their skins whiter and lighter. It's the same notion that western people believe a tan is better than pale skin. So I've put on concealer and a layer of foundation specifically around problem areas and dusted it off with mineral foundation. I also took care to do light contouring as well as a blush that was not overpowering. Think modern-day Geisha. Traditionally there would be a bright red lip involved but I look terrible with red on the lips at the best of times so I opted for something softer.

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