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Review: Max Factor’s Second Skin Foundation (Creamy Ivory)

The Low Down
DSC02498[8][9] Maxfactor has always been a personal favourite drugstore brand of mine when it comes to foundations.  I love a lot of their formulas but I am trying not to be biased when it comes to this review.  I’ve read a few reviews on this product and so far it doesn’t seem favourable.
The product is seems to be marketed towards those who want seamless and flawless foundation without wanting it to be too cakey or thick.  The coverage is medium-full and gives a dewy and healthy glow to the skin. 
The product comes in a 30ml, pump nozzle, glass-like bottle.  It pumps out a decent amount of foundation and my nozzle has not yet been blocked.  I have been using this product for approximately a month or so now and it’s quickly become one of my go-to foundations.  There seems to be a small range of 5 shades for Second Skin which I think is an almighty shame!  Why brands never cater for all skin colours is above me; I’m lucky enough to usually have a shade in all ranges but I' feel particularly upset for women of darker skin, it’s rather infuriating actually!
And what do they claim?
“Love the look of foundation but hate the tell tale tidemark? Now you can create a finish so flawless it's virtually undetectable even to the professionals. Now Second Skin uses clever multi-tonal pigment technology to smooth over and blend flawlessly into your own natural complexion in seconds. No lines, no traces and perfect in any light; so no-one will ever know it's not all you...
Second Skin acts as a base from which to create a perfect natural look”
How did it work for Cherry?
I have been using this product at a constant since buying it. It gives such a good base to work with and what I do like the most is how easy it is to blend out and make natural to your skin tone.  The coverage is very decent and when layered under the eyes it covers up dark circles very well for the day time.  I think the consistency is perfect; neither too runny nor thick. 

It’s hard to suggest an opinion for the longevity of a liquid foundation as I usually top it off with other products.  Its usually the powder on top which allows a foundation base to stay on the face.  I use this in conjunction with a few different powders and all have been decent in terms of ‘staying put’ throughout the day.  I like that it doesn’t slide off of the face and unless I sweat and begin rubbing my face, this baby keeps on quite well.  Despite applying a matte powder on top, often the dewiness glows through on the surface and therefore can even make a matte face look natural.
How can you use this product?
I’ve used this product with all different types of tools and applied it in many different ways.  My favourite way to use this product is actually by my fingers as it just melts into the skin and is totally fuss free.  However if I were to apply this to my Mum’s face I would use a foundation brush.
How much will it cost me?
This product will cost you a hefty £13.99 in Boots.  Of course this is no where near as expensive as foundations from brands such as Bobbi Brown or MAC but it is quite highly priced for a drugstore foundation.  Therefore I would only recommend you buy this if you are tired of your current foundation and am ready to spend a few extra quid on something new.  Something else important is to really test out the colours – you do not want to be paying up to £14.00 and find its the wrong shade like I did!   
Cherry’s Final Verdict
Overall I think this is an extremely decent product; on the one hand it gives you a natural look and on the other is conceals dirt circles and redness.  It’s very close to a perfect foundation for me.  The thing I really have to complain is a)the price, but I would pay it again if need by and b)the heavy-weight bottle.  The foundation itself is a good happy medium for all the things I want in a foundation.  I find that while the shade ‘warm almond’ is definitely too dark for my skin, I always have to warm up ‘creamy ivory’ with some bronzer because it does get quite pale.  As we’re moving closer to spring my face will naturally darken through time and I suppose I will begin mixing both shades together to try and create something for spring. 
So overall I give you product a 4.5/5!


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