Saturday, 7 February 2009

Review: Johnson's 3in1 Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash

Who is this review for?
This product review is going to be for those people who are looking for an inexpensive facial wash that also exfoliates the skin and is gentle enough to use daily

What is it?
This is a "all in one" face wash which is supposed to be gentle to the skin.

This is what the product looks like on the outside:

And this is the product itself:

As you can see it's quite grainy and it's white. The texture resembles a gel with a grainy texture; the bits in it are micro-beads which are supposed to help exfoliate.
It smells like most Johnson's products do; a bit like baby products and slightly flowery and sweet. In this bottle you can get 150ml of product which should last you for a couple of months.

What does it claim to do?
As mentioned this product is a "3 in 1" product which means it claims to do three things that three seperate products should do. It apparently should clean, exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin. The product shouldn't over dry the skin and is gentle enough to use daily. It's also soap free, has micro-beads for exfoliation and will leave your skin smooth and clean.

How to use it
When using this product remember to use circular motions for a good exfoliation and to always wash off with warm water. Afterwards try splashing your face with cold water to tighten up pores and make skin feel firm. This product can be used morning and night and remember to after care your skin with products such as toners, moisturisers and eye gels.

What it did for me
To be honest the product did very little for me and I'm quite disappointed. I have never stopped using a product because I disliked it and needless to say I only have used half of it. I tried to have good faith and I ended up using it for a good while but I decided to stop because it made my skin itch, red, blotchy, dry and flaky. As you may know I have a combination skin type so I knew to stop when it began making my oilier areas too dry.

This product may work for those who have oilier skin and that are very resilient to drying products but for those who are similar to me I would say be wary of it. I think I'm mostly disappointed because I love Johnson's products especially their cleansing wipes but I can't say I'm a big fan of this one.
I'm going to say this again: products work differently for different people, I wouldnt' be put off with what I say so if you want to try it you should be able to!

The cost
The cost is a bit 'unknown' at the moment because I purchased this in Boots a while ago but now I can't find it on the website and it seems scarce on any internet shopping websites. I did find it at which I have no used before. I says it costs £3.89 there. I'm sure its still available as it's still featured on the Johnson's website.

I would have to give this product a 1/5

Needless to say I won't be repurchasing. I guess the lesson learned is that even if it says it 'gentle' really might not be, even if it comes from a brand like Johnson's.

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