Monday, 15 June 2009

Nail polishes and new clothes!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't updated in so long, obviously you blog readers have missed out a lot on what I've been up to etc. It's just by the time I finish my youtube videos which is mostly my priority I am too tired to do this part! This blog was afterall simply for reference for my yt channel, so I apologise if you like blogs more than videos but I shall try my best for you!

Enough of that, I recently went shopping! Shall we start?

I recently bought some nail polishes to update my collection, I have some lovely
summer colours here!
(From left to right: OPI "My Chihuahua bites!*, OPI "Shorts Story", China Glaze "Turned up turquiose", China Glaze "Mom's Chiffon", China Glaze "Fast Forward Top Coat"

My Chihuahua bites is my new happy medium for a red, you know me and red, we don't
tend to meet or mix that often and the reason I'm liking this is
because it's a red with a twist of pink and orange. I see it and think
"sangria"? Ha! But yeah I think rather than a full on red
this would be lovely, especially for a hot summers night!
"Shorts Story" is from OPI's New Brights and Paige Denim 2009 collection and
while the other colours were lovely I just didn't see myself wearing
any of the colours, apart from Shorts Story. It's such a true pink!
I picked up "Turned up turquoise" on a whim, it's not that
I don't like turquoise, it's just, when on Earth will I really wear this?
I shall try thought, I think it would be lovely for nail art.
"Mom's Chiffon" is by far my FAVOURITE, I'm so attached to the colour. It's a peachy
pink... just such an easy colour to wear. It's girly, feminine but not too
in your face like "Shorts Story". I just think it's a wonderful colour to
wear, it will go with many outfits because it's so subtle. Looks a bit like
a grapefruit colour now I look at it again.
And that top coat- woah, by gosh, does it dry fast!

Can you guess which colour is which?

Can you see why I adore Mom's Chiffon so much?!

I don't remember what the man said this was called
but it's "_____ pump" LOL I think!! But this is particurly useful
for those who are clumsy - but also for those people who are fuss free,
wants to be more efficient and news results quick! You just pour in your
nail polish remover and place a cotton pad on top and pump away. No more
clumsy spilling or swilling. LOVE.

Oh yeah I have something else to moan about...I BROKE MY NAIL.
How on Earth? You know how I did it? It snapped..on my jeans.... I am so gutted
because this happened last time. I was growing my nails (mind it doesnt
take me long at all) so I could do some nail tutorials and just as
I was about to...THIS HAPPENS. I don't have weak nails either, I'm just so clumsy
and very rough. I was also in a lot of pain.

Also some pretty nail art sticks...I can't see myself
actually using these, I'm too paranoid I'd end up eating them
by accident O_O

OK So I went to Bay Trading and I'm so sad they are
going into liquidation...I remember buying some of
my first outfits at Bay! *cries*
But let's take advantage of the dramatic sale!!

I picked up a lot of earrings...somehow they all were
butterfly ones!

My wardrobe was in serious need of a revamp. I honestly haven't done
serious clothes shopping in a while. My make up obsession took over
and thats it...I'm gone for years with a pristine face and dodgy clothing.
So I've decided enough is enough, I have enough make up to last me
for decades. Here's to my clothing obsession!

Primark ... you could wear this in many different ways.
What a good buy!

I have no idea why I'm buying cardigans, it's the bleedin Summer!
But as backwards as ever, I bought something GREY AND WARM.
I just love the button detail on this and I seriously love grey.

I adore this dress because of the striping detail, it totally slims me right down.
Also a V neck is always a winner for me. I plan to wear this with the cardigan above.

This has no sleeves and I usually steer clear but I'm quite liking it.
Alike the above Primark cardi, i think this is totally wearable anywhere!

Oh dear I'm sorry the picture is so bad. But it's a skull detail
dress and what I like is that i can dress this down or go all out
and wear it a bit punk/rock. It's very thin so perfect for summer...
again, not following the brightt colourful route.

I've been looking for a trench coat. Before I kept trying them on
your typical beige double button get up and I never fitted properly
before but having dropped half a stone recently I can...and I tried one on and
realised....they make me look quite short actually.
So I've given that up for a little while because I've seen this beauty.
It's such a simple parker, and what I love is that I think I could wear it
for something smart and casual. It's a lovely neutral colour, thin enough for summer
but is roomy enough for layering in the colder evenings. I think i look pretty cool in this!

Again, so sorry for the bad quality pictures! This is my dress for tomorow,
a really pretty pretend two piece, it's a black tee on the top half and
a floral detail skirt with matching bow at the waste. I'm planning to wear this with the cardi below if it gets chilly in the evening.

These are the earrings I'm going to pair it with.
I will have my hair natural, possible flicked out ends, voluminous and big. I want
simply make up so maybe just a neutral smokey eye, nothing too
out there so no glitter, and a nude lip. Also wearing skin colour tights and black heels and
sequined black hand bag.



mumuji said...

wow i love the colours of the nail polishes you got! so bright and colourful, how much did the China Glaze for?

Helen said...

was about £3.50 :) x

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Where did u get the china glaze polishes from?..N That bottle pump thing..
Def on my buy list..

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