Monday, 17 August 2009

BarryM Nail Paint - Grey

I went to Boots today just to get some stock (i.e. cotton pads, facial toner, make up sponges etc etc) and I came across BarryM (obviously, like who doesn't just gravitate to there?) and I noticed they were giving away their limited edition of dazzle dust if you purchased products worth over £6. I did have a look at it but it is quite a regular lilac, I'm wondering whether I missed the point but I decided against it.
Just as I was about to bypass all the rest I suddenly eyed up something I had not even noticed before.

Grey nail paint?

Without hesitation I picked it up and along with their Topcoat/ basecoat. Before I talk about the basecoat I just want to say how amazing grey is. I've recently had this new obsession with the colour and I can't stop wearing grey. Am I subconsciously preparing for the winter months ahead of us?
I just love grey, it's such a versatile and chic colour. I also love that it can be gothic yet edgy pretty cool.

I decided on an alternative french manicure. I've used BarryM grey, black and their topcoat/basecoat. The white flower is done using Sally Hansen Nail art pen in white. Those pens are the bomb btw. I didn't get them at first but OMG!

Back onto the Basecoat by BarryM. This is probably one of the best, inexpensive, drugstore
basecoats. This is one of the first one's I ever bought and
I have tried others but always gone back.
It's crazy to even think so deeply about a see-through
nail polish but the beauty of this product is this; no flaking, a less offensive smell,
it's a nail hardener, top coat AND basecoat in one.
I've also go China Glaze's Fast Forward top coat and I'm just not understanding
this product. For some reason if I use it it makes me nail polish peel off very, very
quickly. Needless to say, in my disappointment and in much need
of a topcoat, I went back to trusty BarryM.

Outfit of the day:

Long black t-shirt (Primark)
Purple vest dress (River Island)
Black leggings (H&M)
Big black belt (Dorothy Perkins)
Black heels (sorry you can't see this! Arms didn't stretch far enough!) (Clarks)

I love today's outfit, it really spoke out my mood; rebellious, daring and
rather sexy. I've also used MAC's cornflower on my eyes :)

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Thanh said...

Your nails are cute! Simple & cute~ :)

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