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Collective Haul Early November

Shopping probably brings me the most joy after family, friends, food and sex.... I think shopping sits neatly in there somewhere actually because where all of those things call upon occassion, shopping only calls upon money. So. I went shopping!

Last Christmas I didn't get my hands on any of Boot's Front Cover products which I was quite regretful about, their eyeshadows are gorgeous. So this year the moment they came out I decided I would treat myself to something of the sort. This is Front Cover's Inky eyes which is a make up set kitted out for that evening look for Winter '09. The colours are definitely to die for and I absolutely love it. There are even tips and instructions on the back.

Front Cover "Inky Eyes"

Front Cover "Inky Eyes" comes with all you need for your eyes

Front Cover "Inky Eyes" swatches

Also now with longer hair I'm looking for a shampoo which will look after them better for the winter months. I haven't trimmed my hair yet and so I'm keeping it in its best condition in the best way possible. I am a very loyal fan of Aussie's haircare range and so I thought rather than repurchasing my usual (Aussie Real Volume Shampoo seems to now have become a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner...more on this issue later) I went for Lucious Long. So far, so good.

Aussie "Lucious Long" Shampoo and conditioner

I haven't heard a lot about this foundation except having watched the advert for it and seen it in some magazine spreads. I'm a BIG Maxfactor fan and so when a new foundation comes out, I generally trust for it to be a good'un. This is Maxfactor's "Second Skin" foundation and I have to add that that is a weird name. Nonetheless I'm hoping it does give me that second skin effect, the Winter is never kind to my face.

Maxfactor Second Skin foundation

Next up I decided to buy some dazzledusts by BarryM. I love treating myself to some dazzledusts from time to time, they are like little pots of goodness. I couldn't resist this blue colour which I recall being called "Denim" and this Yellow colour... I wonder am I ever going to wear yellow? Possibly. That Denim blue? Yes. I'm very excited to go on a night out with these, I'm thinking that yellow is going to come in handy in the spring.

BarryM Dazzledusts in Golden Yellow (I think) and Denim

Another foundation I've purchased is Rimmel's New Stay Matte foundation. The moment I saw this I HAD to buy it regardless. Staying matte is probably one of my problems, I don't have a big grease problem but I hate having a shiney t-zone. The moment I saw Lily cole's face I just had to buy it - I don't know why that pursuaded me to buy it but shamefully it did. Rimmel has many Stay Matte foundations but this one has added Chamomile in it and is supposed to keep shine at bay for 12 hours. We'll see about that.

Rimmel New Stay Matte foundation

The next product can be purchased from, it's an FCUK palette with 18 eyeshadow colours and six lip colours. These colours are highly pigmented and the cute sleek palette is to die for. I couldn't resist this and it is definitely a great add to my colours collection. This is going to be great for anyone who needs to buy a christmas present for a make-up lover.

FCUK palette

FCUK palette

Also from BarryM is something I've been wanting to get for a long time. This is BarryM's Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon in a colour that I'm not sure of. But this will be good to use under any eyelow and will be pretty for a snowy winter look. I'm looking forward to using this because actually its a very versatile product, I might be able to use this all over the face.
BarryM Shimmering Lip and Eye Crayon

Also without going into too much detail as I've mentioned all of these previously or have used previously, I bought some old favourites because I've run out! Aussie's Volume + Gloss hairspray has always been a good'un in my books and I love using that to make my hair look big and healthy. Angel Fish's Spray Wax is a FAVOURITE of mine and despite being a smaller can I've picked it over Lee Staffords spray wax simply because it really does do a better job overall. Batiste is a MUST HAVE in my necessities and it reallys saves my life. I purchased the one in "Boho" which I do adore but personally my favourite is "Blush".

Aussie Volume + Gloss hair spray, Angel Fish Spray Wax, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Lee Stafford poker straight hair mask

I haven't really talked about Lee Stafford's Poker Straight hair treatment mask before but I have been using it for years! This hair mask is probably one of the best drugstore ones out there and despite having a very strong artificial smell, it does wonders for my hair. Often I feel hair masks tend to be glorified hair conditioners but with this product i really feel it goes that extra mile. Right now my hair is getting longer by the minute and while I'm not going to cut it, I need to keep it in my shape and so I've called in for the specialist. This really gives my hair life. I LOVE it.

Lee Stafford poker straight hair mask

The final "gift" that I bought myself from Boot's Christmas gift range is this Chilli Pepper make up set. It's set up as a make up set of drawals which has compartments containing different products. The packaging is absolutely adorable and its partly the reason why I picked it up. I love that it's so cutesy and I'm not that into cute things really but I think this totally won me over with the butterflies.

Chilli Pepper Make Up Drawals

You can see there are six eyeshadows, two blushers, one highlighter and six lip colours. They are all decently pigmented and a beautiful choice of colours. You can create some very nice, frosty winter looks and it's handy to bring with you on holiday.

Chilli Pepper Make Up Drawals

Below is sometimes I'm super excited about, it's Urban Decay's Ammo Shadow Box. I'm always extra excited about Urban Decay products because their eyeshadows are absolutely fantastic. I love them for their pigmentation, their colour pay offs, their vibrancies, their hues, their quality and their colour choices. And the packaging is just TOO sexy.
(Thank you, Bu ^_^ <3)>
Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box

Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box

It's not just the winter months that I struggle with dry skin. In the case of my feet it's always been DRY. I have dry heels (sorry guys) and I've never found any good foot creams which have well and truly helped. I spotted this in Boots and it suddenly came to me that I should have been looking a Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula products because they hold my favourite lip balm in their line and one of the best hand creams, so their intense moisturiser MUST be amazing.
So when I find they have a Multi-repair cream I am instantly sold because my feet definitely need some repairing. I love that it's a pump and I'm sure it will serve my feet well.

Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Multi-repair cream

I've also been in need of a sharpener, my eyeliners have all been sitting there blunt and look incredibly sorry for themselves. I've not sharpened them all and now they will always be glorious and useful!

Bourjois eyeliner sharpener

Below are some gifts from China and all three are Carslan products. I don't know much about Carslan but quoted from it's "Carslan is a range of chic and stylish make-up formulated from France. Carslan make-up comes with captivating and attractive colours, which is an ideal choice for Asians. Popular Hong Kong artist Cecilia Cheung endorses Carslan products". I didn't realise but this brand is popular even back in my home country so I'm very interested in the rest of their range.

Carlsan Soft & Waterproof eyeliner, Carslan Multifunctional Mascara and Carslan Juicy ice Lipgloss

Also wanted to show you, to my suprise, the eyeliner is a bright silver which has amazing colour pay off.

Carlsan Soft & Waterproof eyeliner

Carslan Juicy ice Lipgloss

A while ago I also purchased Eylure's Naturalites Faux Lashes in Volume and Volume Plus. I'm starting to wear faux lashes more often for practice and while I absolutely adore dramatic lashes I want to use more natural ones. These seem to be the best selling ones in our local drugstore so I picked them up in confidence that Eylure is a reputable brand.

Eylure Naturalites Faux Lashes in "Volume Plus"
Eylure Naturalites Faux Lashes in "Volume"

Lastly I picked up Eyeko's mascara. I've been hearing that this has been the underdog of mascaras and not to be fooled by the tacky packaging. I mean the packaging is a)decieving (its not actually a squeezy tube) and b)its so cute that it looks like its going to be one of those products which are all packaging and no quality. But everyone has had something good to say about it so I thought I would give it a go.

I love shopping :)

Music in corresponding Youtube Video is:
~ Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World (Karaoke)
~ Lia - Tori no uta (karaoke)


Louise said...

Amazing haul! The cute make up gift sets look awesome ^^

VampiressDoll said...

Love your haul! Especially that FCUK palette.
I also have the Ammo palette and I've used it loads. x

Linhy said...

Wow!, that's one hell of a collective haul and November only started yesterday lols. Off to Boots I go ^^ Looking forward to seeing more of your frosty winter looks (y)

xSplendidStar said...

Great haul!!! Love all the items you got :D especially the FCUK one...btw if you don't mind me asking, how much was it?


mumuji said...

The Chilli Pepper set looks so prettyful! I was going to get the Front Cover Eye Spy palette because it was on special offer half price at one point in Boots, but I didn't and now its gone back up to £35... boo :(

~Lisa said...

Awesome haul! I love shopping too! And I'm so jealous now because I can't get my hands on almost any of these products in Canada!

But the Chilli Pepper Makeup Drawals is phenomenal! The butterflies are too cute! And isn't there 8 eyeshadows not 6?

Baptiste! I need Baptiste. I wonder if it's available in Canada. Even if so, it's gonna be almost $10. . .

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