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Review: Dove's Hair Minimising Anti-perspirant deodorant

~ The Low Down ~
Dove's Hair Minimising Anti-perspirant deodorant is somewhat of an interesting product to review simply because it seems to be a product that should have a lot of hype surrounding it. The reality is that when this product arrived on the market, there seemed almost to be an anti climax and where what should have been a mutual excitement, was an altogether suspicion and reluctant.
I went sent this courtesy of Dove a while back in April 2009 and was asked to do a review on the product; I was also instructed to use this for a good couple of months as this product only begins to 'work' after this amount of time.

The product comes in two forms of scent; "Nature fresh" and also "Wild Rose". The one I'm reviewing today is in Wild Rose. This particularly smell does not sit well with me; it's a very musky smell and I personally do not feel it smells any like Rose and nor does it particularly smell floral. I like deodorant smells to be fresh, clean and subtle and to me, "Wild Rose" seems to be completely opposite. However I have given "Nature Fresh" a good sniff in store and I have to say I quite liked that smell.

Dove claims that this deodorant is supposed to "cares for your underarms while leaving your underarm hair feeling finer and easier to remove. Soon, your underarms will look and feel hair free for longer. Available in Wild Rose fragrane, featuring hints of Ginger, Pear and Apple." -

~ How did it work for Cherry? ~

So I have been using it from April and funnily enough have found one last spray can left. Why is this?

I stopped using this a while ago simply because I really did not like the smell. However I did comply and use it up until August which means I've been using this product for 3-4 months which exceeds my recommended time suggested to me. In this period I have not found any difference in terms of hair growth, hair thickness, shaving ease or under skin; all of which this product promises to change. I'm not sure whether this is due to the fact that my natural hairs are already quite fine and I'm mostly quite sparse in hair growth. I'm not sure if that makes a difference however I know that the people who have used this product before have loved it. There has even been talk about using it on legs as it's been so successful on their underarms.
For me I feel like this product has failed to do what it says on the can and the only positive out of this is that it kept my underarms fairly dry for a good period of time throughout the day. However it did not keep me odourless and it definitely did not do anything for me in terms of my hair growth. I've been wondering about whether it has anything to do with that I did not use the roll-on as well, but I wasn't asked to do so therefore I assume there shouldn't be a need.

~ How much will this cost? And where can I buy it? ~

This product can be found at selected drugstores such as Boots or Superdrug and also at large Chemists. You can also find these online. They retail at an average price of £2.93 for 150ml. I would say this is a fairly pricey deodorant but definitely not the most expensive on the market.

~ Cherry's Final Verdict ~

I have to say that I'm fairly unimpressed with the product. However in saying this I have not lost faith in Dove as a company or in their deodorants as I am a Dove deodorant 'kinda' gal. My all time favourite deodorant is Dove's 'Invisible Dry' spray as I find it does exactly what it says on the can and keeps me odourless and fresh for a long time. Despite not liking their Hair Minimising range, I still love their other scents and will continue buying their products.

So overall I would give this product a 3/5. It's a shame that it didn't work for me. When it comes down to recommending this product, I would tell any person to try before judging this product. A lot of people have liked it and have claimed it to work; so if you happen to be one of these lucky people, shouldn't this be the perfect product for you? If it doesn't work then you haven't really lost much apart from perhaps £2.93.

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Rosie said...

I already posted this comment on your video, but I have the roll on of this and absolutely HATE IT!!!! I feel so self concious whenever I wear it thinking that I must smell, I probably don't but I just think I do because it smells kinda funky.

I do love their Get Fresh deodorant in grapefruit and something mmm

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