Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Youtube, Haul + Swap!

Hello Everyone!

First of all before we get started I need to talk about my youtube videos. A lot of you would have noticed in my last video "update fail" the sound kept playing up. I've come to the conclusion that there is definitely something wrong with the camera and therefore making videos have to stop for now until I can purchase a new camera :(
However if I'm lucky I'll be able to get one very soon but if I can't I'm just going to keep blogging and keeping you updated. I know there's not a lot of us here and while on youtube there's about 1000+ subbers and here, less so, but I'm going to carry on here despite it all. Please spread the word!!


I went shopping, guys! I know, how bad.... this was too spontaneous for words but no one can resist Boots OR Superdrugs! I know I can't anyway.

A long while ago I remember hearing about L'Oreal's Studio Secret line. Supposedly this is L'Oreals secrets in products that are not available on the market and having studied the products for a while I picked this one up. I wanted to get one of their foundations but they are quite pricey and the rest of the products did not catch my eye as much. The only one is the "mattifying primer" and simply because it reminds me of my ultimate favourite GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. It's the same see-through gel and the texture and consistency is very similar. I think the only difference is that GOSH's bottle contains more product (don't quote me on that). I will have to try this out and tell you what I think but it does make me happy ...I miss GOSH's primer a lot and seeing as I've so many primers I didn't want to buy more...but I couldn't resist.

I've been asked to get this a couple of times and I just figured seeing that I'm getting bored of my Maybelline mineral powder and that I'm also wanting to try out some NYC products (inspired by Emily Noel Beautybroadcast) I could give this one a go. I purchased the one in Medium. There seems to only be three shades but the silly thing about this is that in my Superdrugs these testers were COMPLETELY different to what was actually on sale. This makes me wonder but never mind. The product comes complete with a tiny mineral kabuki that I'm sure will guarantee to scrape off the epidermis of your face.

I finally picked up both the new Batiste dry shampoos ("Diva" and "Boho"). From memory I think I prefer the smell of Diva but I remember Boho being very refreshing. Both of the designs on the can are very eye catching and appealing so I think they've done well there.
I jus thope they work as well as the other ones.

I also picked up a eyeshadow duo by NYC and I'm not sure why or even how it ended up in my basket. I didn't give their shadows much thought but I do remember looking at it when paying for it and thinking that it is a very "Emily Noel" colour. Whilst being cheap and cheerful, the colour payoff probably could be better.

We'll have to see how this one goes...

Also picked up one of NYC's colour wheels. The reason why I hate colour wheels are the way the colours merge together but seeing as it's so cheap I didn't see why not. I don't know about the colour combinations - what do you think?

You all know that I've been very devoted to No7 Instant Radiance Concealer and have been using it religiously. The only other highlighting concealer I have been interested in is this one: Mememe's Flawless Concealer and the reason being is that Lindy (Bubzbeauty) has recommended it to everyone before and I've seen her use it. It looks very promising but as I was buying it I realised I forgot which shade she is in (her and I have very similar skin tones) so I went for shade 2 in buttermilk. I tried the first one which is Vanilla and it was too light and I'm sure, if I'm not mistaken, there is supposed to be a third shade but as already mentioned, my Superdrugs are a bit lacking when it comes to certain things like testers and product organisation (in other words they're pretty crap) so I couldn't get hold of it. Eitherway I'm sure Buttermilk will do me just fine and we'll see.

Another spontaneous buy are these Lee Stafford Hair Colour Sprays. I'm not sure why I bought them to be exact but recently I've been thinking about just doing it for fun and as they are washable then it's totally harmless fun, right? I am going away this weekend and I was thinking that it could be cute to have some pink streaks in my hair for a night out.

I bought two cans, one in pink and the other white. White seems to make me look a bit chalky/dusty and the pink doesn't come out as bright. Spray the pink ontop of the white and its quite pretty. These sprays seem to make the hair hard and crunchy which isn't so nice but ok if you like your hair a bit on the grungy side (like me).

I did a quick test.


Recently I recieved a package from a much loved subscriber as we are doing a swap. She sent me a ton of stuff which was totally unexpected and I'm so happy! Thanks Naomi! I will be sending back a package of goodies too and it's exciting as it's my first swap, ever!

if any of you are hoping to do swaps with me, please just feel free to say what you have etc. Really I should list some things I do want and see if anyone has them and would swap with me, right?

Anyway Naomi got me tons of things including my first NYX, Nars and Laneige products. LOVE!

So as I said, I hope you guys spread the word about me not being able to make more videos but when I come back I'll be slimmer and ready to go. Keep subscribed and I love you all!

Cherry x

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xSplendidStar said...

Great haul! I really want to try that dry shampoo but I remember buying this ermm what was it called again ....................................................................JAMES BROWN! THAT'S IT! LOL gee I had to check boots.com ahahhaah xD but yeah that one had a really nice smell but it just didn't work out for me, it soon stopped spraying as well. And yeah waste of my money too *sigh* Guess I will try the Batiste one =) x

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