Thursday, 17 September 2009

Anime Make-Up Series: Sailor Moon

The next look in this series belongs to Sailor Moon, the main heroine of the series. She is possibly one of the best anime characters around with the most signature colours and hair do ever. I absolutely love her and think her arrangement in colours is timeless.

For this make-up look I've decided to give it more of a creative edge, simply because Usagi deserves a bit of extra effort and I couldn't imagine forming this look into something remotely wearable even for the evening.

For this look I'm using a very old school palette, which is the Claire's palette. I'm using the brightest rich sky blue colour for the blue in Usagi's uniform.

I'm also using "Chrome Yellow" and "Sushi Flower" by MAC as well as Sally Girl's Snow.

I hope you guys enjoy this

Peace x

1 comment:

Ganya said...

I love sailor moon this looks does her justice !! :D

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