Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The up and coming, inevitable and oh-so incredible Christmas is coming up so very soon and it’s this time of year I seem to take on the same ill-fate of a turkey and start to get fat, ready for the chop when it comes to January and I look in the mirror and want to cry.
I was thinking about my weight and how it’s crept up so soon having lost a lot of weight in the last year and I began to wonder why on earth I was thinking the same thing I’ve been thinking every Christmas. There is no way I’m going to let this happen again.
So in a bid to eat healthier coming up to Christmas (so on Christmas Day, I can cut myself some slack) my sister and I bought a tiered steamer so it’s quicker and easier to steam our meals inside. This is also convenient as it’ll be less washing up. I’m the main cook in the house and I know everyone’s health is in my hands when it comes to dinner so it’s important I take responsibility and cook healthier. This way we can steam fish, vegetables, potatoes and even steam eggs and rice.

At least when I'm only making a small amount of rice I can give my trusty rice cooker a break :)

Also my sister and I ventured into the cellar to bring out George. The George Foreman that is. I cleared out space in the kitchen especially for my two newest tools and I’m going to be grilling and steaming a lot more often as opposed to frying.

George helped me make grilled courgettes, chicken and sweet potato the other day which went down extremely well so today I decided to give the steamer a try. Inside I steamed rice which came out particularly well so now when I’m not making a lot of rice I can give our trusty rice cooker a rest.
When everyone gets together at home I tend to like to make big meals but obviously I’ve told everyone I’m not doing that anymore. This evening we had a simple and healthy soup stew which was packed full of winter vegetables.kidney beans and lean lamb.

I also like to have dessert and we seem to have got into habits of eating very fatty desserts so today it was a matter of steaming pears with dark chocolate. Yes I know the dark chocolate isn’t particularly good but let’s take this one step at a time.
So healthy eating is a matter of discipline; and this is something I’ve always lacked. But I’m going to keep it going, I’m not banning or depriving myself but I’m going to find alternatives in order to eat myself healthier.

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Melanie said...

actually dark chocolate is better than regular one bc of its high content of antioxidants. so don't rule them all out in your diet.. you need a little bit of that to build up good immune system as well as overall health for your body. =) hope you reach your weight goal!

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