Friday, 19 December 2008

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream

Hey peeps!

The other day I did another shopping trip madness at Bluewater and I didn't go mad on presents for myself...because I'm poor.
But I got a chance to go into space.nk and so er....couldn't resist?

Let me tell you the story of Yu-Be's moisturising cream. I remember when I went to my cousin's baby shower she had thank you 'goody' bags and inside was a very small tester for these. I didn't take much notice, tossed it into my drawal and didn't see it for months on end.
Then I had a cold sore and began to panic. Yes I used Zovirax and even aloe vera gel. But it didn't go down and not to mention my entire lips were dry and I was afraid I'd get more because of this.
So I rummaging through my drawals and came across this little yellow and white tube and I automatically assumed it was a lip balm- I didn't even look at the bottle. I put some on my lips and although I was a bit taken back by the medicated smell I just felt better that my lips didn't feel like they were going to shrivel up and die.

I soon noticed that it began to feel a lot better, the tingly was less and my lips were soft and hydrated. I soon kept using this and the cold sore seemed to go even quicker.
I soon finished the tester when the cold sore finally disappeared and then I've been left feeling helpless without it - until now.


Now the low down on the product itself...

Yu-Be (pronounced how it's spelt) 'is the #1 selling medicated, vitamin enriched skin cream in Japan'. It's to soothe dry skin and you can use this on hands, feet and even on your lips. It has a high concentration of glycerin which helps to hydrate and soothe dry skin, you can use this on split cuticles, cracked heels, calluses, burns and severe dry skin. It's also non greasy and keeps moisture looked in for hours.

So like I said I've used it on my lips, on my blemishes before I put on my foundation, on the heels on my feet and my cuticles. Yu-be also has a wide range of products that I have no tried but I am really interested in.

As for the smell I've mentioned- it's the camphor in it but the smell disappears once applied to the skin. It's a familiar medicated smell you get with a lot of medicated ointments in Asia.

The cream itself is a thick luminous yellow ointment that glides easy on the skin.

In the UK it can be bought at space.nk, easily found in central london or Bluewater. Go to space.nk's website to find more stores. The RRP is £12.00 for 33g/1.25oz.

If you want to buy it online you can find it at at £12.00 or at £10.00.
Alternatively if you are unsure about the cream (and from the USA) but want to try it out you can get free samples from the yu-be website.

I swear by this stuff - it's my holy grail for dry, broken or irritated skin.

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