Sunday, 19 September 2010

Katy Perry - Style Icon?

The previous post (of Kim K and her high waisted jeans) was honestly a 'once-in-a-blue-moon' celebrity gossip/fashion post for me, and whilst I try not to talk about celebrity gossip too much, I couldn't help but be inspired to write today's post. 

(Not gossip as such but it is about fashion and it's fitting considering it's Fashion Week at the moment and tomorrow I shall be attending LFW seeing Jasper Garvida's show again)

Today's hot topic is actually about one of my 'favourite' celebrities - Katy Perry.  I remember  when she first burst into our screens with "I kissed a girl" and I had fallen completely in love.  I remember thinking how fresh yet kitsch she was and since then I've been watching her style transform. 
She didn't quite make it to my 'Style Icons' post because she her style can be slightly outlandish.  Nonetheless, she has come out with some of my favourite outfits of the past and I Just wanted to share them with you.  There is something about her style, her look, her behaviour and demeanour that sends shivers to my spine.

thumb-katyperry-michaelcaulfield-1-fbI love her in mini dresses, especially when she
turns up in something cute and pink.

kp This is a personal favourite picture because this is Katy
MATCHING her hubby Russell Brand.  She is dressed
slightly more 'normal' but I love it,  They are
both so smokin' hot here.  (Russell Brand is no Johnny Depp)

katy-perryThis picture makes it to this post because
of the blue wig.  I've never liked wigs
but I think she looks fantastic.


polkadot  Talk about blue, look her at in this blue polka dot dress
she recently wore in London.  She has great legs.
Katy Perry indulges her passion for fashion with three stunning outfits in one day 3
Perhaps one of my favourite Katy Perry outfits.
How can she look so innocent look yet ooze sex appeal?

Katy-perry-2009-grammysAnd finally this is one of my favourite gowns
she's ever worn.  I love that she always stands out from the crowd.
She does showcase the odd blunder from time
to time but you can't help but love her for shots like this.  And for the
fact that her 'blunders' were purposefully done.

Do you have a not-so-obvious Style Icon?


Cherry x


Paula said...

She is absolutely stunning!!

Charming Vanity said...

Great post! I think Katy Perry is gorgeous. Doll like face and a body to kill for..

Zxenarea said...

Katy Perry is an ideal icon. I LOVE her too! She's so classy and sophisticated without being trashy. I really admire that, and she's very comfortable with who she is. :)

Ruth said...

Sorry to be boring but mines the same as yours XD

Great post I love the wig and the innocent dress :3

Chloe said...

i bloody love her! and russell brand, ahhhhh heaven !

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