Monday, 18 May 2009

Another collective haul - China Glaze, Sallys Girl, CHI, BB Cream, LUSH

Aloha people I'm back with another small collective haul for you. I was shopping with my girl Vicky and we hit central London (as always) and visited Sally's Hair and Beauty Supply and LUSH in Covent Gardens then went off for a delicious lunch! What a way to celebrate the end of no sleep and a rubbish exam.

I had a lot of fun in Sally's just looking at all the salon stuff and its interesting to see what's out there in the big bad world of hair dressing. Lots of industrial size shampoos with very exotic names. I left Sally's with CHI Helmet Head, 1 China Glaze nail polish in Touch of Glamour, three Sally Girl Eyeshadows and some birchwood sticks.
We then proceeded to LUSH and I've bought myself a henna hair dye in Caca Noir (supposed to make my hair darker, shinier with a hint of reddy brown) and also "Grease Lightning" which is a tea tree spot treatment.

I'm quite distraught because I was going to start doing nail tutorials since my nails had grown perfectly and were in brilliant shape. Then I went to peel potatoes and cut butternut squash....

After much distress I've cut them all down and I gave a nail a lick of China Glaze. I think it felt much better.

This is the teasing comb - the cheaper of the lots as there were ones going for about £4- £6. The one Vicky found me was about £2 and its not bad, not bad at all!

Curious of the quality of CHI I did not hesitate to take Helmut Head from
its sale offer (half price!) and so far I'm really impressed... the pump is GREAT!

These are the Sally Girl shadows (1.27 each)
Snow, Green Apple, Emerald

Top is with primer beneath, bottom is without primer - relatively pigmented!
Snow, Green apple, Emerald

Remember when I bought the Missha BB Cream? Have you wondered why I haven't said much about it?

It's because I accidentally purchased it in No.23 which I think it slightly too dark and in the wrong looks a bit too dark but pinky O_o makes me look a bit ill.
So I ordered it in No.21 and it's a perfect match :)

No.21, No.23

I made aappearance in LUSH not expecting to buy anything but I was very
impressed by one of the girls who work there's hair. It was dyed with this henna hair dye and I just thought I had to give it a go. Think I might do it tomorrow

Peace out x


Dionne XD said...

great haul

miss.erica said...

Hey Helen! I'm planning on getting the Missha BB Cream also...but I keep hearing/reading different things about the #21 and #23. I'm an NC25-30 at MAC...what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Helen said...

Hey Erica!
It's so hard to say because Bubzbeauty and I are both No.21 yet Moonbeamstarlight is No.23 and you'd think we'd all be the same! My friend is also 23... but she looks the same colour as me O_o
If i had to recommend I would say 23 because you seem a bit darker than me. i know without make up i'm truly white paper colour lol! i'm an you see how light i am? yeah try 23 especially as summer is coming :) good luck! xx
ps. sorry if it turns out wrong... i really just dont think you are a 21... at least i dont think so! *hug*

*stars*in*my*pocket* said...

Please do a post on the henna hair dye... Im very curious about it.

ashlee.trinh♥ said...

great haul hun ^^ could you tell me where is Sally about in Convent Garden? cuz ive never been there b4. or where can i get the post code =.= so i can go there without the lost direction part =.=

Thank u hun! Have an awesome day

ps: seen ur new hair colour ^^ it looks so silky hun :D

Helen said...

Hi Ashlee
hun you kind've have to tell me where abouts you, i dont know if there is a Sallys in Covent Garden, it's on Shaftesbury Avenue which is near Leicester Square... did you want to know where the Sallys is where I went? Or did you wanna know where Covent Garden is...kinda need to know which direction you're coming from x

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