Sunday, 10 May 2009

Review: Bloom make-up base

What is it?

Bloom is a Superdrug brand (superdrug being a drugstore in England) and they are a small but growing brand.
The packaging is a regular pump bottle with a baby pink lotion inside, which happens to be the make up base. It's a very runny lotion unlike a lot of make up bases which tend to be quite thick. So think "Johnson's baby lotion".

Why does it claim do?
"Bloom's lightweight, non-comogenic Make-up Base is designed to prime skin for makeup application. Minimises pores and creates a smooth base layer to ensure that Liquid Foundation or Pure Mineral Powder Foundation glides on effortlessly and stays-put. Contains SPF 12, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Lavender essential oil to soothe and protect the skin". - Superdrug website

What I do like about this product are all the natural benefits it contains such as the Vitamin E, SPF etc, and while I'm not shocked at the SPF I am very grateful for it because it saves you so much time and it's such a bonus to have my favourite Jojoba oil in it :)
It also smells very lovely due to the Lavender oil!

How I use it
It's very simple to use, use any tool you like (sponges, fingers, brushes etc). I advise about two pumps. It absorbs in very well and doesn't require much blending at all

How did it work for me?
Personally I think it's not too much of a contender for my favourite drugstore primer, which happens to be another Superdrug brand- the GOSH velvet touch foundation primer. While it has the added natural benefits, it does not make my skin silky soft like GOSH's does, it's more expensive and it doesn't keep my make up fresh as long as the GOSH primer does.
The things I do like about it is it's skincare properties, it's easy of use, the colour and ...that's about it. I wouldn't say it was the worst purchase I've ever made - far from. Bloom's make up base is tolerable and can be quite pleasant to use when you want something light and refreshing but I would worry about my make up's staying power during the night time.

The product itself isn't too bad but what's up with the tacky packaging? I'm not a big fan very it does sometimes leak and my lid already is sporting a big ol crack in it.
I would suppose the Bloom make up base doesn't do anything special in comparison to any other primer; what it does can be achieved by many other primers out there but probably for cheaper. I wouldn't say I would repurchase but definitely will use it all (because it's so expensive!)

How much did it cost? Where can I get it?
You can buy this product in Superdrug and costs £14.68 for 10ml.

My verdict?
This review isn't particularly a negative review, I would give this product a 3.5/5

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