Sunday, 17 May 2009

Not a special blog?

Having been a YT guru for a while now I've accumulated certain peeves about my subscribers and viewers - don't get it twisted, I love you all really, but why on Earth do people not read description bars and find the answers in my blog when I give you the link to my blog anyway?

So this is going to be a thank you, yes you, the subscriber who reads my blogs. Thank you.

Actually I'm holding a mini contest and this contest involves not tutorials, slide shows or video comments but answering questions about me correctly. This is going to be a MINI contest so the prizes aren't massive because I'm saving them for my big contest when I hit 1000 subscribers ^^.
Below are two questions, both multiple choice. All you have to do if you want to win is answer all of both correctly in a reply to this blog or email it to me at
The ones with the correct answers shall be short listed then I'm going to use EITHER OR I'm going to put names in a hat and draw it out on camera.

Here are the rules:
  1. You must be a subscriber to my youtube channel (cherrychan108)
  2. If you are below the age of 16 you need to have parental consent
  3. You must answer all questions correctly and if the answer is neither here nor there it will be at my discretion as to whether the answer is valid or not
  4. If one question is wrong you will immediately be disqualified
  5. Disqualification is also at my discretion
  6. You will be able to give me your home address in order for me to ship the products there
  7. All products recieved should be agreed by the contestant, I am not liable for any problems with the products as they will all be brand new
  8. The contest entries are valid if posted or sent within the contest timeframe (between open and close time)
Now onto the prizes:

Eyeko's Tinted Cream

A couple of my dear own (not used) EYEKO cleansing wipes

A BarryM dazzle dust of your choice

And a BarryM nail polish, colour of your choice

  • So here are the questions:My Youtube experience has been phenomenal and there's so many aspects of being a guru that make every effort worthwhile - but what is the most important aspect of all?
a. The fame and recognition
b. The climb to becoming partner and the potential of earning money
c. The ability to have a voice and to reach out and help those who need it
d. Being able to make close friends like Bubzbeauty and Moonbeamstarlight
e. Being sent products to review from cosmetic companies

  • What does my screen name mean and how did it come about?
a. It doesn't mean anything, just came to me one day
b. I love cherry fruit so I wanted it to be my name and 108 is a lucky number
c. It's always been my username since I was 14 because it was my alter ego
d. It's actually my real name
e. Cherry is my nick name, Chan implies a Japanese influence on it which is cool
f. Cherryblossoms are my favourite flower so it was obvious


This contest is open from 17th May 2009 until 31st of May 11.59pm GMT

Peace out x

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Wizzy said...

Hi Cherry / Helen,
I really love how you portray yourself on youtube and blogspot, so mostly I want to enter into your mini contest to see if I can answer your questions right and to show how much I really appreciate your YT channel (also its wonderful to see a beauty guru who's chinese). I'm a ABC (American-Born Chinese) girl who just always loved makeup but I'm not really good at it and you've helped me to try new things and techniques. Thanks...
My answers to your mini-contest questions: (1)c and (2)e
So, was my answers right...and hopefully I entered in on time.

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