Saturday, 9 May 2009

Collective Haul

I'd been pleasantly intrigued when I first discovered Eyeko which wasn't long ago. I went to their website to peruse the products and so the first two I got were both creams available. I purchased a bronzing cream (see in videos both by Gemsmaquillage and Lollipop26) and also their 3in1 cream. Both products I am liking so far and liking the packaging even more. You actually get quite a lot of product which I am super pleased about.

Recently I had signed up to the Eyeko ambassador programme which will entitle you to a free gift when you enter in my ambassador code! Next time you order from their website , do put in this code: E3103. This way you will get a freebie which is always nice!

Isn't the packaging just adorable?

These are the freebies I got!

I also purchased a few items from Coastal Scents and I started buying small there just to see what their shipping was like (considering I'm from the UK and they are in Florida, USA). I shipping was relatively fast and the price was great. However I didn't put any insurance on the items just because it would have been twice the price, I might consider for more expensive items next time.
Below you can see I got their Italian Badger Angle Brush and also their White Angled Liner brush, both of which came in immaculate state. The angle brush does really smell and I've wash it and it still smells. I think that bugs me.

I also went ahead and purchased the brush guards too and I am LOVING them! My 217 and 224 brushes from Mac no longer look derranged! YAY!

Some more reviews coming up, do stay tuned!

Peace x

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