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Youtube Controversy

Hello everyone,

Recently on YT there's been a lot of controvery about gurus not performing and being disrespectful to their subscribers and this topic was started off from a few gurus out there. If you're a bit of a YT junkie like me it's not hard to miss and for the past day or so I've been thinking about this subject a lot and I thought rather than do a video on it I would write because after all, this is what I do best and I'm afraid I might not be able to express myself properly on camera.
So if you don't know what this is about... you probably just have to search youtube member "Cullgan" or "Nikki20six" and they are the gurus who I saw these videos from so I guess you can start from there.

I guess if you asked me (and I know no one is) I would have to say there are always two sides to the story; thats my answer to everything because I'm a natural relative moralist and I believe that there is always arguments for both sides (well mostly anyway).

On the one hand lots of people are upset at gurus for not replying to messages, for not being as helpful as they should be, for being a bit "whatever" on their videos and not giving enough effort. On the other gurus are feeling a bit hurt from these accusations.

I don't understand why something so small has turned into something so big and why there is so much drama. Isn't youtube a place for sharing, for enjoying and pleasure? While it's important to speak the truth and speak out loud - I think theres a certain limit to it and if it's going to spark (no pun intended) any drama then I think its best left. Why? Because it drags everyones emotions into it, it picks up all those people who love to jump on the band wagon and causes such a stir it begins making Youtube such an unpleasant place.

In the defense of those gurus who are being hated on I have to say that they do have lives; yes they wouldn't be who they were today had you not subscribed, but the reason why is because they have thousands of emails a day- could you reply to all of them everyday? If you try to say yes - you're lying. My beautiful friend Bubzbeauty rarely has time to reply and when she does she spends age doing it - she loves her subscribers and she fully appreciates them - her not replying to everyone does NOT make her a bad person.
Also I think it's so blown out of proportion because as a youtube watcher I would never EXPECT or DEMAND a reply from anyone. I see a reply as a bonus and I'm thankful but its important to know that there is such thing as Google, your typing fingers, other gurus and so many other resources. If you can't find the answer in Yahoo search, don't you just go to Google? It's THAT simple - you can't expect them to be your Fairy Godmother and to grant you an answer everytime. That's unrealistic and most certainly a ridiculous request. I personally reply to as many as I can and if I can't I'm so sorry. Currently I have done well and I pretty much reply to everyone but what happens when I reach 1000 subscribers? Or 2000? Or 5000? What about 10,000 (if EVER!) I can't POSSIBLY reply to everyone but that would not make me appreciate you any less. I really would not. This is the perspective me need to have, to see the bigger picture - don't get so hurt because someone has not replied - it's not their job to Mother you, you've got fingers; go searching.

Also one more thing to say on this side of the story - watchers don't realise how hard it is to put out good quality video and try to include everything AND THEN have to answer a gabillion questions - they/we tried our best- what more do you want?

OK so there's always another side...

Gurus should pay more attention. It's important to note though above I am backing up most of the gurus being hit on but I'm also saying that yes on a few occassions some gurus might not seem as helpful or be willing to answer questions. I think if people are having this problem with others 'attitudes' it might be a good idea to address this and try to be more helpful. There are genuinely questions out there that can only be answered by that one guru - these are the questions that need answering.
When I was a pure youtube watcher I used to comment on videos and never got a reply; to a certain extent I did wish they did because I guess I wanted to feel that sense of connection. So in that respect it would have been nice to feel like the woman or man I'm aspiring to heard me out.

But that's all I have to say about this side. At the end of the day I'm quite a laid back person - I believe in doing the right thing all the time so in my mind thats Gurus doing their best and watchers being more understanding. As long as thats covered - we're all happy people.

I really needed to write this out because I'm so upset. SO SO upset at the immense childishness that is going on; groups, clans, haters, reminds me of high school and that exact feeling of torment, alienation and constant scrutiny is so so familiar. If I didn't know any better I feel like I'm still in that playground. What's most ridiculous is the foul language that's being used against gurus. If there's one thing that is totally blown out of proportion today - then it's that.

Enough said everyone I hope you're all doing well.

Tomorrow I'm going out with Ling (unfortauntely Lindy can't make it) and hopefully shall be able to document it. Exams and coursework is over by the end of this month and soon I shall be all yours. I plan on doing so much more with my videos, I want to learn to use a much better programme in order to make my videos much more enjoyable and I want to charge full steam ahead with my weight loss.

I apologise for the lengthy you know why I have two ^^

Love you all,



miss.erica said...

Hey Helen! I've been hearing more and more about this on various beauty and style blogs that I follow...and it is truly unfortunate. As you know, I just started making YT videos recently (after being a member and watching videos for a long time!), so I can definitely understand the amount of time that goes into filming, editing, and uploading videos :(

In any case, it's too bad that there are people out there who don't realize YT is mostly a vehicle for members' hobbies, creativity, spare time (and not their full time job). Some popular gurus would probably need 2 or 3 full-time assistants to be able to reply to each any every comment or email!!

I know it's frustrating but...don't be mad! *hugs* Your LUSH-treated hair looks awesome, so be happy about that!! (hahaha I'm SO easily pleased....) Hakuna matata ^^

Helen said...

I guess unfortunate really is the word. I think its upsetting to know that some people can be so ignorant to just assume. It's ridiculous. Yes we are thankful but geez you don't see Miley Cyrus or Brad Pitt returning every fan mail! So it's relative, you can't expect them (or us in some respects) so reply to everything!

Anyway yeah i'm sorry I ranted... but I think I'd have had a sleepless night. I like to speak my mind in a very passive way.

*hugs* thanks girl, you're such a sweetie for replying. I am pleased about the outcome, I think I'm going to look into natural hair colouring from now on :)

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