Wednesday, 6 May 2009

GOSH, Body Shop and Haul

Why can't I stop shopping?

I got some new stuff from Superdrug's GOSH, Bodyshop and

This is the ELF eyeshadow palette in Blue Moon. I'm trying to look for soft sultry colours other than brown and recently Lindy from Bubzbeauty has been mentioning her loves for greys and blues so it made me think that perhaps my brown neutrals are being overused and I should branch out into wearing a new neutral for the summer evenings. So I'm thinking soft purples, blues, greys and even yellows for this summer 2009.

I've never purchased any Body Shop hair products before and I think this range is relatively new (or am I just late?) therefore I couldn't help myself and added yet another volumizing mousse to my collection and straightening balm. I have so many of these products it's ridiculous but these have natural ingredients in it so apparently that justifies it.

You know that I love blending wedges and more often than not I will use wedges over my brushes for a more sheer look to blend in my foundation. I decided to give the ELF ones a go because they were cheap... Is it lame that I can't wait to try these?

So here is a Plumping lip glaze in Oasis from ELF and it is supposed to make lips fullers from its zingy ingredients inside. The packaging is quite adorable because it's actually a lot smaller than it seems which is actually a plus for me. What did you expect for £.1.50?
Also the Tone Correcting Concealer - I'm not expecting a lot but i'm hoping to find a gem amongst these cheap concealers. I get a bit anxious buying concealing products online just because of colour match problems but like I said, I'm not going to cry over £1.50. I'm not sure how I feel about the doe-foot applicator as I can see myself getting very very very freaked out about the hygiene issues.

Also you should see in the picture I went to Superdrug and went to the GOSH shelves and picked up their eyeliner in 'Banana' which was a loved product by Lollipop26. She says she uses it for her inner corners to open and brighten up her eyes and it's a nicer twist on white which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, so I think this eyeliner should see me through summer.
Also I couldn't resist another concealer from GOSH and I purchased the one in Tone 2. I'm having this obsession with concealers but so far its very nice and comes in form of a shade stick - it feels creamy yet light weight, just the way I like it. So I'm dead excited!

here we have an All Over Cover Stick in Light which acts as a foundation/concealer. I have no idea how this is going to turn out but it seems quite creamy and easy to blend and is very small so will be great to take out with me if it turns out to be a winner. I do hope so!
And finally we have an All Over Color Stick which no doubt you can guess can be used to eyes, lips and cheeks. I think this will be lovely for cheeks but not so sure about eyes ...or lips for that matter. But I could imagine this being pretty nifty when I'm rushing out the house with no make up on. I purchased it in Pink Lemonade.

Peace out x

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