Thursday, 23 July 2009

Anime Make-Up Series: Sailor Mercury

Hello everyone

Welcome to a new series at Cherrychan108. I'm going to be doing a make up tutorial series as I already have a series going on for general questions (Cherry saves the day).

This make-up series will see me doing make up looks inspired by Anime cartoon characters and most of them will be my favourite characters! If you have any requests feel free to message me.

I'm kicking it off with the Sailor Moon series and I'll pick characters or do most of them!
Sailor Moon is one of my favourite Animes of all time and I watched this like others watched Sesame Street. It had such an impact on me as a child and this is my tribute to all my favourite characters!

The first one will be Sailor Mercury AKA Mizuno Ami. I chose to do her one first because I was coincidentally wearing blue - that's all. She isn't my absolute favourite but I do like her character as she keeps everyone together on the straight and narrow. My favourite character is probably Sailor Jupiter or maybe Mars or Neptune.
So Ami-Chan's colours are mainly a royal, dark and light blue. In all these i'm most likely to use a white and a gold as well.

This is what I came up with

Products used:

Too Faced eye shadow insurance (base)
Rimmel Ice Princess Palette - Dark Blue (crease)
Sleek Palette - bright blue (main lid colour), dark blue colour (liner colour)
KATE palette- white (highlight)
GOSH Eyeliner - Banana (lower lash line)
GOSH Amazing Length and Build mascara
Benefit Browzing - Medium (wax), Benefit dark brown eyeshadow (brows)

Revlon Colorstay (face)
Rimmel ice Princess palette - top blush with white eyeshadow (cheeks)
Mac MSF - medium plus

Body shop Hi shine lip treatment

Kate Palette

Sleek Palette (top to bottom) dark lining blue, bright main lid colour blue

Rimmel Ice Princess palette
(Left to right) Dark blue crease colour, peachy blush for cheeks

Body shop Hi-shine liptreatment

Hope you all enjoyed

Peace x


Dionne XD said...

i love the look.
i also heart sailor moon, one of my favourite anime cartoons along side cardcaptors, i used to watch it when i was younger but missed most of the episodes as it got discontinued but thanks to the joys of youtube i'm able to watch it whenever i want.

great look, keep it up

Valz said...

This is such a nice series :)
The look was cool, btw

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