Saturday, 11 July 2009

Purple Haze

Hello Everyone!
As you might be aware I am back from a long break (from posting, not holiday - I WISH!) and I'm starting off with a new make up look. The video tutorial will not be up on youtube yet as I'm still editting it but I thought I'd give you the heads up with some reference pictures first.

I was asked by user '503408' from youtube to do a look using dark blues and purples mixed together. I was excited to give this a go and as the request didn't specify and 'wearable' look or any specific theme, I thought I'd look for some inspiration.

Below is my muse:

I'm particularly attracted to the blue and purples hues. This original picture is a gif
and moves with twinkling sparkles but unfortunatly you might not be able
to see it right now. I decided to use the colours I see here and try to recreate
something mythical with a Cherrychan edge.

Below are the results!

I'm using this magi-tape stuff to create a clear cut
edge on the side. It gives the shadow a shape and definition.

Products used:

  • Two faced shadow insurance
  • MAC pigment in Violet
  • Lancome eyeliner
  • 2True blue eyeliner
  • GOSH Amazing length mascara
  • Sally Girl eyeshadow (that white one!)
  • Too faced eyeshadow - Skinny Dip
  • Mac Fluid Line Black Track
  • MAC eyeshadow -yogurt
  • Rimmel Blush (ice princess palette) - top one
  • No 7 Concealer- tone II
  • Shu Uemura Make up mousse base
  • Lancome lipgloss- Peche
  • Maybelline mineral foundation

Peace x


Joyce said...

Very pretty! Can't wait to see the tutorial for it! ^^

Southern Belle Adelle said...

Hey cherry! glad to see you're back. Purple is my fav color so I'm excited to see the tutorial!

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