Monday, 13 July 2009

Shopping has never been so dissatisfying

Hey people

Back with another haul. Todays shopping was particularly stressful, I wanted to buy so much but since I've had my head in this "no money, don't buy" state of mind I've found it hard to buy anything. I always have a reason why I shouldn't, let that be "I already have something similar" or "it's not a necessity item"

Until I picked up the first item.

Before I show you the pictures I'll tell you why today's shopping trip was particularly dissatisfying. I went out there quite pleased with myself because finally I could blow some money on myself and I knew I'd feel good. My intentions were to not buy ANY make up at all. I decided that from the start. I originally wanted a new bag, new purse, shoes, clothes and to develop photos. In the end I got these....

I got sucked into Benefit again. I don't know why this happens to me but it does and I'm sure it has something to do with their uber cute packaging. I went in there and checked out 'Powderflage' which is something I've been wanting for a while but after much discussion with myself, in my head (of course), I decided against it and picked up "You rebel lite". I figured it wouldn't make sense to buy another foundation for the summer and this is going to be my new contender for the Botantics Tinted Moisturiser. I also picked up "That Gal" which is a brightening face primer. I've been asked to review this and so I've finally got it (it's also because I have a penchant for face primers. I can't help myself. I have the same thing with concealers too.... thank god I ran away before I picked up Boi-ing as well (I still have some :)!)
Also Benefit are giving away a full sized bottle of their newest fragrane "B Spot" which I've liked for a while now. Buy any two products and you get it free so obviously thats why I picked up two items as opposed to the one. I'm quite pleased, this is a much more stronger and intense smell than my usual favourtie "Maybe Baby" by Benefit and this lasts a lot longer. Yay for new summer smell!

I am also finally out of the MAC Fix+ and I got that at Christmas so it's lasted me for a long time, especially as I use it everyday. However I know for a lot cheaper, Body Shop's Vitamin E mist is supposed to be just as good if not better. So I picked that up too...

I also went out and found my bag at Aldo. This is my new baby...

That bag can be fastened on the inside to make two shapes, the one above and more relaxed version below. The one above obviously makes it more secure. I love the reptillian detail (is this a snake? A croc? I think it's snake) and I am loving this colour. This will go well with my yet another 'brown' coloured bag. DAMN IT!

OK so here is the story. I went into River Island and tried on a bunch of clothes. I went to pay and then realised I was out of cash; worst still my mum has my debit card which meant I was fresh out of money. I almost cried.

So I picked up this vest only which I love and proceeded to speed back home and bought the rest online :P

I love this grey leopard print vest. It's so chic and really well structured. I'm in love!

Below are print shots of what I purchased, when they're here I shall take proper photos.

I love this - it's possibly the most weirdest shape top that will be in my wardrobe but once I put it on it's actually very nice. It channels a relaxed summer nautical vibe, I plan to wear either jeans or shorts with it and depending I can wear my converse or even flip flops sandals.

Below are some jeans on sale. I wanted to get these other relaxed boot cuts but I changed my mind and picked these regular bootcut ones. I think I might go back and get the relaxed light denims later.

I won't make a video for this yet, shall keep it as a collective haul for later :)

I'm off to hug my bag now.



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