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Review: Maxfactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss


The Low Down

I've never been, what I call, 'a lip person', which makes it quite hard for me to do a substantial review on any lip product unless it's a lip balm. I have little experience and knowledge of lipsticks, colours and even the application of it. However there is one lip product I've been wanting to review and I've finally got round to doing it. Ladies, this is Maxfactor's Lipfinity Colour & Gloss, a duo lipgloss containing a creamy, pigmented and moisturising colour and a glossy and silky top coat. There are supposedly nine shades (as seen on website) however I have only ever physically seen four shades. These glosses contain 3ml of gloss in each tube and lasts up to 36 months. I've had mine for a while now and these are my 'go to' glosses as well as my 'must haves'.

The consistency of the gloss can only be described as creamy and quite plainly gorgeous. They smell like of a cross between dolly mix and candy floss but the smells seems to disappear once applied to the lips so fear not those who hate scented products.

And what do they claim?

"Long-lasting multi dimensional shine.
Be brilliant.

New Colour & Gloss is the next generation of lip colour; with the backing of top catwalk make-up artists it delivers the most high impact shine your lips will ever experience! The savvy combination of rich colour base coat and multi-dimensional glossy top coat work together to create a stunning 3D highlight and lowlight effect. There's no need to worry about your colour fading or losing its depth as results last for up to 10 hours." - Maxfactor website

How you can use the product

This product is super easy to use - I mean, it's a lipgloss! There is a simple step 1 gloss, then a step 2. Here I wanted to show what the colour on my lips look like; I'm also going to show in a picture what happens when you rub the product off with your hands, then the results.

Colour: Illuminating Fuscia

The test

And the gloss is still there!

Colour: Shimmering Pink

How did it work for Cherry?

I remember buying these lipglosses at Christmas and then buying more for friends and family; all of whom were very pleased and appreciative. Everyone has said these glosses gave suprisin results and everyone has complimented them on their creamy finish and long lasting power.

I love this product very much; I wish all lip glosses gave such fantastic results. There is nothing worse than glosses which give you drippy fish lips and not to mention the incredibly cement like glue stickiness that is bound to make your hair stick to your face (or your sandwich). I haven't had any problems with these glosses. I'm in love!


The actual downfall that I did manage to think of after filming the corresponding video is that at the end of the day it can take more than just one wipe for this gloss to come off of your lips. Understandable - this baby won't budge. To remove this try using an oil based cleanser or even just olive oil and cotton pad. Try not to scrub the hell out of your lips! Good luck!

And much will this cost?
This product costs £8.80 in the UK. Not expensive- not cheap.

Cherry’s final verdict?
In the video I have suggested a 5/5 for this product and even though I have managed to think of a downfall post video, I am sticking to full marks. It doesn't upset me that I takes a little bit more effort to remove the gloss- in fact, in makes me a little bit happy!

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