Thursday, 23 July 2009

The future is looking bright

I was sitting here almost ready for bed, in my gigantic free t-shirt and just about to call it a day when I re-thought the partner thing. I've decided almost spontaneously that I would here declare some goals for my youtube channel 'career'. It's here that I'm going to make some promises to myself and follow through. I think I owe my channel much deserved devotion and if not for my channel then for my subscribers.

1) I want to firstly make sure I regularly do thank you videos for my subbers. I don't say it enough and in honour of their loyality and love I shall do something every so often to try and say thank you

2) I want to keep up the flow of videos, keep up with my requests but most of all I want to start directing this channel my way and start using my own initiative to create videos. There are things I want to do and I think I can spare some video time talking about my own topics

3) I'm going to make sure I do a contest in the near future. Money has been short but I am still trying and wanting. I need to do this; it's way overdue.

4) As a personal goal I want to set targets. I'm currently hitting 1540 subbers. I hope every month I can get another 500 subscribers and this I think is a realisitic goal. Therefore by mid August I should be at least 2000!

5) I want to update this blog more often.

6) I want to work on improving the qualities and effects of my videos. Learn to use Adobe Premier perhaps

Thats all I can think of. But I think I would use my optimistic juices whilst it's still here and write down these things so I can come back and re-read it when I'm in a rut. I've got down a lot of things I want to do in upcoming videos, some of which are:


wait, I'm not saying.... let's just say I want to be as original as possible! So!

Here's to positivity, improvement and a great future!

I love you all,


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