Friday, 24 July 2009

Cherry's pin-up look

As opposed to the usual choppy punk rock 'scene' hair I love, I've gone for more soft pin-up waves and classic pin up make-up to go with it. Red lips and I have never met eye-to-eye but ever since my skin has cleared up, I'm starting to wear more colour on my lips. If you skin is red and blotchy, red lipstick will highlight your entire face flaws so I used to stick to nudes and light pinks. Red should always go with near porcelain skin and this is as much as I can achieve for now.

I've used soft smokey colours for the eyes and plenty of slick eyeliner and mascara. If anyone is interested I may do a tutorial on this look.

Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful day!



hazeleyes said...

Gorgeous! That look really suits you!! xXx

jenna said...

This is a very pretty look! It would be great for going out on a romantic dinner or whenever. Thanks!! You look great ~ So pretty!

MilknCookiie said...

Hi! It's me, miiiiiiilk from youtube. :P

The lip colour looks so flattering on you! It's not too bright but it goes so well with your skintone. ^^

Elizabeth said...

Love it! ^_^ Would really like to see a tutorial on it.

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