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Garnier Bloggers event and their new products for 2010!

Sorry for my recent mini hiatus; as I’m sure many of you will be aware that I’ve had several deadlines due and exams so thank you for bearing with me and hello to my new followers, welcome to Everything that is Cherrychan108!
Today’s entry is about my experience at Garnier’s Bloggers event which I attended not long ago, possibly a couple of weeks back in the midst of January. So I hope you can appreciate that my mind only takes me so back and my memory is (and remains) very fuzzy and minor details have slipped from my head.  Never fear as I have plenty of pictures of jog what’s left of my memory.

I met a few fellow bloggers there and reunited with Ling once again for another event.  I met Sophie from Beautymarked19 who was absolutely lovely and also the sweet Sabrina from Obsessed.  After the event we went for a drink in Starbucks and it was the end to another successful event hosted by headstream pr.  I also got to meet the Gloss Goss and she was incredibly funny, intelligent and amazingly, flawlessly beautiful.  Made me feel quite inadequate really, as such as life!  

The main topic of the event was the release of Garnier’s new Mineral action deodorant, the first deodorant from Garnier, ever.  Now according to Garnier, this product has been launched in Eastern Europe for a long time now and they are at the very top with the big deodorant brand names  which is impressive within itself.  The product promises 48 hours of protection against odour and perspiration and comes in six different varieties such as silky, sensitive, fresh, ultra dry, invisible…   The fragrances are actually very beautiful and while I’ve forgotten the many different flowers and herbs and minerals in each of these, I have to say it all sounds as complicated as it smells good.  I remember liking all of the smells of the entire range which is odd for me as I am quite sensitive to smells and I’m also picky about what my underarms smell like.  So in saying this, their fragrances are wonderful and we even h had a long talk with their fragrance expert.   

DSC02839Now I don’t want to go on too much about the deodorants as I want  to review these properly; I’ve only just started using the roll-on and so far I am loving it but more about this later (I’m actually shocked because I haven’t used a roll=on since pre high-school…and that’s quite a while since!)  It’s the funniest sensation….
But swiftly moving on…

Garnier showed us a large range of their products which will be launched in this 2010 and it looks like a good year!  There’s plenty to come ranging from innovative sun care products, hair care and dyes as well as plenty of quality skin care and body care.  Garnier happens to be one of my favourite drugstore brands so I am really looking forward to this 2010 for them!  


Garnier have some amazing hair styling products and one of my favourites is their Garnier Fructis Volume lifting spray so I’m eager to try out their Bamboo flexihold hair spray.  They have a lot of new hair styling products out for 2010 so keep a look out and try out my old favourites!
They are also bringing out a tanning oil (how old fashioned, yet cool!) which now has an SPF 30 in it (don’t quote me on that just yet!) and also plenty of sun care.  I’m very excited about the oil because it smells absolutely divine!


Also there are is a beautiful after sun lotion that now comes in a cute screw top tub and tanning gels.  I’m excited about the tanning gel despite loving my pale skin.  The summer makes me so tanned and I think this year I want my legs to match my face for once!  They also have an aerosol sun tan lotion as well which I think will be much better than your average spritz or pour bottle. 


Their Pure Active range is still on my list as one of the best spot fighting ranges in the drugstore and I still love it so when I heard that there is going to be a Pure Active Exfo-Brusher wash I was very intrigued and excited at the same time.  More on this later.
As you know I’ve already done a review on the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-on and you know how much I adore that baby.  Needless to say this product was featured in the show case and Ling also managed to brave it and play a game of ten pin bowling with the roll-ons!


And despite not needing the Ultra Lift range, I am very excited about this because I know my Mum is a huge Garnier anti-aging product fan and their products have always worked for her.  She is an Ultra Lift user so if I do manage to get my hands on these in the goody bag, I will get her to do a personal review for you!



All of their ranges have impressed me one way or another and I’m not saying this because they have paid me or because I feel obliged to say something nice.  You all know that here at Everythingcherrychan108 I speak the truth and nothing but the truth.  I honestly am very impressed with their skincare line and a lot of my life (and money) has been spent on Garnier because I know their products work for my skin and I’m sure a lot of you may agree. 
I want to spend this time to say thank you to Garnier and headstream PR for allowing us to have such a wonderful and entertaining evening.  It was a great pleasure to meet everyone again and I’m hoping to be able to have the chance to experience it again. 
Thank you Garnier!

“Take Care” everyone,
Cherry x

PS. There will be more reviews to come when my goodies from Garnier arrive and I’m hoping to get out that Mineral deodorant review out for you sometime in the near future  :)

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