Wednesday, 24 February 2010

London Fashion Week – Jasper Garvida’s Catwalk

This year, for the very first time in my youthful life, I’ve been invited to two showings at the famous London Fashion Week.  I was incredibly excited as I would be meeting up again with Claire from 1000 Heads and who also has a blog! I also went with Vicky from Vanity-Fashionista and her sister, Anne.  I met plenty of other bloggers and journalist and my eyes were totally opened to a completely new world.  This wasn’t just about beauty but about fashion and plenty of statements.  I personally have more of a passion for make-up and face/body art work rather than high fashion but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the work of these designers.  My knowledge only extends so far but as a girl who loves clothes and creativity, this event was surely going to be enjoyable.  LFW is sponsored by Vauxhall Fashion Scout – Vauxhall, what a strange company to be sponsoring LFW!
  Firstly I was invited to attend Jasper Garvida’s Autumn/Winter collection for 2010 named 'Venus’ which was his ‘ready-to-wear’ collection.  His work is said to be be inspired by the Art Deco movement and you’ll be able to see influences of the 1920’s with many curves, waves and bold shapes.  The pieces are very streamlined and tailored while incorporating delicate and soft texture to compliment.  With a name like ‘Venus’ the collection exudes femininity and sophistication.  What I loved about his collection were the textures he created using plenty of expensive fabric such as cashmere and even leather but balanced it out with some chiffon and sequins. 

DSC03601 DSC03604
DSC03605 DSC03606

DSC03609 DSC03610
DSC03611 DSC03612
DSC03613 DSC03624
DSC03625 DSC03626
DSC03628 DSC03629
DSC03634 DSC03637
DSC03641 DSC03643
I love Jasper’s work and am completely inspired by his offerings.  I didn’t realise I’d enjoy the cat walk as much as I thought I did.  I feel like everything was on point; the music, the models, their walks, the timing, the atmosphere and I was particularly touched when Jasper came out at the end for his final bow.
My first cat walk experience was extremely satisfying.  I think it probably helped a great deal as I was sat FRONT ROW and I am so grateful that I was able to.  
Sitting front row meant that I was able to take some wicked pictures (if I don’t mind saying so myself) but I also got to opposite to the likes of Liz McClarnon (former Atomic Kitten singer), Beverly Knight (singer) and also Sophie Anderton (British model).  Did you notice Liz in most of my pictures, in the blue dress? 



I was also able to view some of the new and upcoming designers’ work in the exhibition hall.  There were some particularly beautiful pieces from Viking Wong and Felicity Brown.  I also favoured some pieces from Charlotte Taylor and David Longshaw.

DSC03569 DSC03570
DSC03571 DSC03572
DSC03573 DSC03574 DSC03578 DSC03576 DSC03580
  DSC03584DSC03581  DSC03583
I had such a wonderful time and I would seriously consider going again.  I will be visiting London Fashion Week and will definitely go to that cat walk. 
London Fashion Week is like a different kind of world I’ve experienced.  It’s as flamboyant as I thought it would be but a lot less intimidating.  If anything it’s become extremely inspiring. 
To me fashion will always be something quite personal and where I adore London fashion, my influences come from around the world.  It’s needless to say that I was born into high street and high street is my where my fashion brain resides.  Can I possibly begin to understand high fashion?  Yes, if everything was alike Jasper’s ready-to-wear collection.  Stay tuned for my next London Fashion Week post to understand what I mean about ‘not getting high fashion…’


Cherry x


Winnie said...

Hey it was lovely meeting you too! I felt so priviledged to be at this show and front row! It was a great show wasn't it? I noticed Liz too...she looked amazed at each look!

Cherrychan108 said...

@Winnie: I know, I felt so so lucky!! It was a wicked show :) Yeah she looked so engrossed in it all and her legs are so nice! lol

Claire Elizabeth said...

It was lovely to see you again and I'm glad you had a nice time :), after watching his show I've been dreaming up plans as to how I can get my hands on that gorgeous green dress! x

Anonymous said...

Thats me with crossed legs sitting with sophie, liam, liz & her bf! Beverely Knight was there as well. if you want proof tht its me

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