Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lushing it up again!

So having re-discovered Lush recently I’ve built up a fair collection of natural soapy type things, so storage was in need to keep of these things together.  When you walk into my vanity room now you’re greeted with the familiar Lush smell … I find it comforting, does anyone feel the same?
So the heart wire basket was purchased from a small boutique in Covent Garden, London, and it’s called Sass & Belle.  They do amazingly cute ornaments, useful decorative pieces and small bits and bobs so you need to check them out if you’re in town. 
So a few weeks back I went out and bought another lots of Lush goodies; primarily for my feet soak and a bit of pampering.  Mind, I didn’t even up using it when I was supposed to because during my week off I was incredibly busy – how ironic.
So boring things first, I got another square tin to put things in.  For me, I like to break Lush soaps, ballistics, scrubs and bars into halves, quarters and even sixths sometimes because they’re not only expensive but I find you don’t need to use THAT much each time therefore I don’t ever want to waste the products.  So here is my new tin with half a ballistic in there! 

This is their Mint Julips lip scrub.  Lush’s previous sister company “Be never too busy to be beautiful” passed on their lip scrubs to Lush and this is the one that smells a bit like mint chocolate.  There is also Bubble Gum lip scrub which smells just like Snow Fairy (if you’re another Snow Fairy addict) and also Sweet Lips which smells like Vanilla and Chocolate.  Mint Julips is made with peppermint oil, castor sugar, jojoba oil, vanilla extract and tagetes oil.

DSC03193 DSC03187
Two things from the limited edition Valentines line is the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars and The Ex factor Ballistic.  I’m not sure what the mushrooms are all about but they are SO adorable; everyone I know is rushing to get some and idea of fizzing away your Ex Factor is hilarious!

DSC03189 DSC03192
The Titsy Totsy Ballistic is a personal favourite and smells like a sweet Rose. It’s perfect love for my bath soaks and will be much appreciated.  Another favourite is the Sex Bomb which, when I had a bath tub, was my ultimate treat!  

DSC03190 DSC03191 DSC03188
Also the  left is The Comforter which is a bubble bar; it' wraps its black current love around you and is so soothing.  Then centre is Happy Blooming which smells just like Cherry Pie!  It’s SO wonderful and for me as it’s for my feet, I will get six uses out of this as opposed to three!  And then the right one is Heavenalli smells of Jasmine, Vanilla and Tonka (Tonka?).  It’s so cute I couldn’t resist!

That’s it for my Lush Haul; I still havent finished the previous Lush things I bought so I won’t be Lushing it up any time soon…I think!  Project 1 Pan anyone?

Cherry xxx


olka said...

I love these two: Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars and The Ex factor Ballistic. I think they're so adorable ^^ I have an urge to rob all your lush stuff; girl you have so much.

Sproglet said...

I LOVE the pink version of the comforter! So gorgeous.

I hit up Lush myself today, after you and Jamie sung it's praises I picked up that muscle soothing massage bar (good for when I go travelling). Greased lightning and tisty tosty too.

Nom nom nom

I does loves Lush!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oooh what a delicious haul! I bet your room smells devine! i picked up the happy blooming and magic mushroom myself.

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