Saturday, 15 May 2010

Circle lenses from – Neo Glamour GRAY lenses

As a lot of you may know I love to wear circle lenses and I am especially in love with one pair which are the  Neo Cosmo PRINCESS lenses in Camel!  Here is a picture to remind you what I look like with them on…  (these were taken so long ago!  Do I still look the same because I’m sure I’ve aged!)


image imageimage

I’ve worn these for a long time and why I like them is because they give my make up looks a different dimension and can transform the way I look sometimes.  Circle lenses will make someone stare into your eyes and it catches attention easily; so if that’s what you’re after then this is definitely the way to go.  The right colour must match you and if you’re going to choose lenses but are a bit overwhelmed by choice, then think about different shades, tones, patterns and your own eye and skin colour. 

These lenses were purchased from which is a company from Malaysia and they ship internationally!  They are really reliable and incredibly friendly; they make sure your packaging is secure and I like that their website is so interactive and informative.  They are the first and still remain the only circle lenses provider I’ve purchased from.  For us Brits, the prices are not too bad they are fair!  I’ve seen cheaper but feel safest with them to be honest. 

Anyway I recently bought two pairs, one of which I will show photos another time, but these pair are the Geo GLAMOUR ones in Gray!  I hope you enjoy the photos and tell me what you think.  For some they are a bit ‘out there’ but again if you’re into this kind of thing then you will like, I’m sure. 




I absolutely adore these. I can’t wait to do a heavy smokey eye with these lenses in because I think it will give quite a dramatic effect.  It takes a bit of ‘balls’ to go out wearing something as unnatural as grey coloured lenses that make your eyes seem bigger but  I feel that most people can pull off grey.  So hopefully you will give these a go!  More pictures coming soon!



Cherry x


TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

Pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm french and I was looking for a website which would ship circle lenses to France. So I found the Honeycolor website but wasn't sure if it was reliable. Now I'm reassured.

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