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Review: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

The Low Downimage

This foundation has received a high volume of reviews both positive and negative; firstly the negative comments have been its shimmering qualities but that’s all I’ve heard really.  It seems that this foundation is THE drugstore foundation to try out of the moment and I thought I’d fire my two cents on it before the hype is all over or my readers decide to try something else. 

I’ve been using this foundation for a good while now and I’ve been using it non stop which is quite a triumph considering how easily bored and distracted I can get.  I’ve never been particularly loyal to any foundation; each have their own benefits and downfalls but I really feel like I’ve found my holy grail foundation for the moment! 

So the foundation comes in a 30ml which is standard; you can find it at all good drugstores as well.  It is a fragrance free foundation and that is GREAT as my previous favourite Revlon foundation, the Colorstay, has a really strong smell of paint.  It also has an SPF 20 which particularly pleases me and note it is also oil free; why this is important is because there would be nothing worse than a foundation that was purposely shimmery and could make you oily at the same time – not a good look.

I am also glad it has a pump and a lid making it easy and convenient, the one thing I hated about Colorstay was its packaging as I could never dispense the right amount and in effect I wasted a lot of that product all over my hands.  So well done Revlon for correcting that up!

And what do they claim?

“Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.
- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20”    -

What Revlon are trying to achieve here is something that most make up brands, I feel, can never quite reach and that's a foundation that really honestly gives that luminosity without being greasy or too sheer.  There are not that many foundations, in my opinion, that can achieve this without one or two drawbacks and that is same applied to all make up products and features. 

How did it work for Cherry?

I’m sure you’ve read countless reviews on this product; it sounds so good yet the idea of a shimmery face puts you off, doesn’t it?  It certainly did for me but having braved it I’ve found ways in which the shimmery stops and it’s something I’m surprised Revlon hasn’t passed onto their customers.

I find that if you give yourself even the lightest dusting of translucent or foundation powder on top, the shimmering will dramatically decrease.  I’ve taken countless pictures in the sun, out of the sun, and in bright lights and I have yet to find a horrible shimmery picture.  I’ve obviously been out and about with it on and not one person has mentioned any shimmer; in fact, I’m the first to notice anything dodgy about my make up and I am yet to see the big problem. 

Yes there is shimmer there is no doubt about it but its very soft.  It’s not the type of shimmer one should be worried about it, all I know is that my face is luminous and well covered.  It’s got a better coverage than Chanel Pro Lumiere and it blends easier the Make-up Forever’s HD foundation.  It’s a medium to full coverage and I do not have to had a foundation powder on top or much concealer as it does a good job.  I find it doesn’t work miracles on dry skin but not many foundations do.  It’s fabulous for oily skin and it actually has a better staying power than a lot of my other foundations.

I’m desperately trying to think of any negative points about this product and all I can think of is that it’s relatively expensive for a drugstore foundation (£12.99 at Boots), it’s got some shimmer in it and they should have a powder to go with it.  But in saying that I would say its worth the money, it would not be the same without the shimmer and for me, MAC’s Prep and Prime powder does the trick wonderfully!

How can you use this product?

This foundation is very easy to blend in with the skin so your clean fingers will be sufficient as will brushes, sponges etc.  I like to use a primer understand and keep my skin moisturised; don’t forget to powder your t-zone and give yourself a nice dusting of a matte blusher!

Cherry’s Final Verdict

I absolutely adore this foundation.  I haven’t taken such nice pictures of my skin in a while and I am now looking at my vast collection of foundations and wondering what to do with them…


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ThatGirl39 said...

Great review and it really made me want to go out and get some! I may give it a go when my Mac one has ran out. xx

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