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Review: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray


Another product that has received quite a lot of mixed reactions; it’s been battered and it’s been crowned approval from many gurus so here is my two cents on the product.

The Low Down

Considering it’s from one of my my favourite brands, Benefit, I was excited to try this because I have loved (and loathed) some of their products and one of my favourite products from Benefit include their Boi-ing concealer as well as Lemon-aid therefore this product seemed hopeful. The product is actually called ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ and hopefully from the name you can tell it’s a product that intends to keep make up in place throughout the day.  It’s actually a concealer and eyeshadow primer; now much to my confusion I thought this product was a concealer and an eyeshadow primer.  Howimageever I’ve come to realise it’s supposed to be a primer for both your eye shadow and concealer therefore you can apply concealer on top and hopefully it will stay all day.  

The product is dispensed through a pump and contains only 10ml of product.   The consistency of it is like any regular liquid concealer, neither too thick nor too runny.  It’s easy to apply with your fingers and is lightweight enough to store in your handbag.  The choice is shade for this product is supposed to be a neutralising tone that everyone can wear underneath their eyeshadow how it it begs the question how can a person with medium to dark skin possibly use this?  This review shall discuss this further…


And what do they claim?

This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT.

Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

What else you need to know: neutral nude shade is universally flattering

custom airless pump is sooo easy to use...just a dab'll do ya!


How did it work for Cherry?

I find that this product works a charm as a primer for your eye shadow, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was better than the Two Faced Shadow Insurance because sometimes I find that the make up fades slightly but it does a good job of holding it out most of the day and it doesn’t allow my eye shadow to crease.  However I don’t feel it does much for my under eye concealer as putting another concealer on top can sometimes make it look ‘too much’ and so I just skip this. 

Instead I use this product as a straight up concealer itself and then apply powder on top.  Obviously this isn’t going to work for everyone; I feel like I’m just lucky enough to be the right shade for this product to work in that way for me.  So while I know it’s not a concealer, I will review it as one anyway! 

Below are some pictures of its concealability on my eyes….

No Concealer


My left under eye concealer


Both eyes concealed

WIth concealer on top


As you can see it works lovely as a concealer; it’s consistency is perfect and shade is great for me. I know this isn’t much use to a lot of you but for some it may be!

Another thing I must touch on is that it has an AWFUL dispensing pump; you need to watch out because this pump will dispense WAY too much product and you will not only lose product but also attempt to use too much and therefore it will look cakey.  I would suggest slipping the small pump cap off (not the big lid) and then pushing the white cap down slightly so a small amount pumps out.  This is one way I have found that works for me.


Cherry’s Final Verdict

So for £19.50 it’s a similar price mark as a mid-end concealer or eye shadow primer.  I would suggest that if you cannot use is in a ‘360’ fashion (find uses for all around the eye) then I wouldn’t recommend it.  A lot of people have said its creased on them and I have a suspicion it may be those who have oilier lids.  As well as this it’s not going to be great as a concealer primer either and I can’t imagine many people being able to use this as a normal primer either.  So I would save your money unless you can use it for all of those reasons.

I myself am happy that I purchased this but I am not pleased for its shade, as it limits everyone and I hate its pump.  I’m glad it doesn’t smell and the consistency is right.  On the most part it works too so what can I say?

I will give this product a 4/5 for being great for me but it loses marks for not being great for everyone else! 



Happy shopping everyone!


Cherry x

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