Saturday, 29 May 2010

I have a problem and we should probably talk about it….HAUL TIME!

I know… it’s insane isn’t it.  I have to stop, I have to.  But for now…LET’S PARADE THE STUFF I BOUGHT BECAUSE ITS FUN!


New RImmel London SHOW OFF  Lipsticks

DSC08230New RImmel London SHOW OFF  Lipsticks in: Shake-up Pink, Tell No One, Kiss Me 

In life there aren’t that many people I follow in terms of make up buying… in general I buy whatever takes my own fancy and while I listen to reviews and take on board the opinions, I always like to form my own if it takes an interest to me.  However if there is one person that I follow for make up and lipstick advice it would probably be Suzi because we A) have similar skin colour  B) seem to like similar products and C) because I look up to her fashion sense, make up looks etc etc.  So while I wouldn’t go as far as saying I have an idol, I really do like  her style and I suppose if she likes something, chances are, I will like it too!  I like to use the colours she uses too because they go well with my skin tones.  So when in her latest video she showed off the new Rimmel Show Off lipsticks I was both ecstatic and completely sold.  However this morning when I stormed into Boots to take advantage of the three for two offer, I realised I had not noted down what colours to get!  So, in the end I picked the ones I fancied and guess what?  She bought two of the three I picked…and she only picked up two.  I feel well chuffed, perhaps I have learned something!

So the colours I picked at Shake-up pink, which I seriously adore because I haven’t yet got a suitable matte baby pink (believe it or not) and this one is perfect.  Tell No One is also a brilliant colour; almost terracotta I would say!  But it’s going to be a lovely sophisticated Summer colour.  By this time there wasn’t one I loved a lot so I picked Kiss Me which is a warm red. 

DSC08242 New RImmel London SHOW OFF  Lipsticks in: Shake-up Pink, Tell No One, Kiss Me 


Shake-up Pink

Tell No One

Kiss Me

Already I am loving the formula and colour pay-off.  They are non-drying and have a great smell and best of all they last for a incredible amount of time. I shall use them more to test them out.  I can smell a review coming in the distant future!


Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Night Cream

DSC08244 Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Night Cream

Considering the day cream is such a hit with me in my books, I decided to buy the night cream.  Now I’ve used it once so I’m not going to say anything yet.  But I am hoping for good things! 


Leighton Denny Quatro

DSC08245Leighton Denny Quatro 


Originally I was going to opt for the Leighton Denny Crystal nail file which costs a whipping £14 but I finally put it down and came to me senses that it probably would be nice but it wasn’t completely necessary.  This is the buffer and nail filing quatro and anyone who knows my nail habits knows that I religiously buff my nails and I love filing them – and it costs £6 so I hope it will be good!


Eco-tools Retractable Kabuki brush

DSC08246 Eco-tools Retractable Kabuki brush

Suddenly the need for a retractable brush occurred to me when I realised that the reason why I hate bringing out face powder on my day out is because I hate using powder puffs twice.  I remember at school I loved my retractable brush and so I decided to get an Eco-tools one and I love Eco-tools a lot and I am happy to have found this at my Boots. 

SATC Faux Lashes!

DSC08247 SATC Faux Lashes complete set

When I heard that SATC the movie was going to have a sequel I was SO incredibly excited!  I still am!  I know they will not fail me because they never have.  I have watched the entire series back to back and I absolutely love the characters, the stories, it’s comedy factor, the tear jerking moments, the outfits, the music, the men, the women and I am ALL SATC!  Needless to say when these Faux lashes came out I was going to pass out with excitement.  I mean, this is almost like a mini chance to become one of the SATC ladies…sort of…!  I have a feeling that these themed ‘girl band’ lashes are going to take off having seen a completely success with the Girls Aloud inspired eye lashes (by the way, Nicola’s all the way!!).  I, however, could not pick a favourite out of these because I love them all.  I feel like they’ve all captured the character’s personality well and it will be like being each character on a different day!  Amazing!

DSC08248 SATC Faux Lashes: Charlotte

Charlotte’s would no doubt be fluttery, feminine yet modest.  I think they are wearable and natural without being boring because there is nothing boring about SATC or Charlotte even though she is portrayed as the more tame and mild mannered one of the four.  I think these a very cute girl next door so a definite winner for me!

DSC08249 SATC Faux Lashes: Miranda

I would probably say these lashes reflect the Miranda we see further into the series.  This is definitely more feminine than the Miranda in the very beginning because the way they are tapered makes them fluttery and sweet.  These will elongate the eye and open them up!  For the same reason why I love Nicola’s lashes from the Girls Aloud series, the shape totally captures me and this has totally got me excited!  The inner side of the lashes will blend in totally with your own lashes so it creates a beautiful shape to the eye.  I CAN’T WAIT!


DSC08251 SATC Faux Lashes: Samantha

This totally typifies the glorious Samantha; long, flirty, glam, sexy and luring.  I cannot wait to try these out.  I love the alternating lengths and the thickness of the roots.  These will give a great impact to the eye.  I think with these, as expected, I will wear this more in the evening outs and for special occasions.  I think if i was a bit more bold I could wear these daylights but I feel a strong look would have to do these lashes justice and Summer day-time really shouldn’t be calling for these!

DSC08252 SATC Faux Lashes: Carrie

I wouldn’t say these are my least favourite but I do think they look less wearable than the others.  I don’t think I’ve been that fond of spiky lashes but I haven’t tried them yet so I won’t judge.  This is very Carrie; statement, bold, glam, strong and striking.  The little star embellishment is all the bling it needs to say how special Carrie is.  Again, this will be used more in the evenings but I am excited to accompany a strong statement look with these lashes!


NYC Faux Lashes

DSC08253 NYC Faux Lashes

Well what have I got to lose at £1.99?  Probably the cheapest drugstore lashes I have seen yet!  I didn’t quite like the others that NYC had to offer but these seemed nice.  What does everyone think about these lashes?  Has anyone tried these at all?


Veet Complete Body Kit

DSC08254Veet Complete Body Kit

I AM GETTING READY FOR THE SUMMER!  I remember the last time I waxed must have been when I was 16 years old so it’s been a fair while now.  I am not excited so much about waxing my underarms because the last time I did that an accident happened…. so it wasn’t good.  But I will brave it and try again.  Heres to a fluff free summer!


That’s it for cosmetics and make up, I’ve accumulated lots of clothes hauling to do but I plan to do a more fashion orientated post some time in the near future.  I hope this will suffice for now.  Thanks for reading!


Cherry x

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Ellie said...

Great haul! Sorry to say but I really don't rate the NYC lashes - mine were stick on ones from NYC and they were awful and wouldn't even stick. But at least they weren't that expensive. The Carrie SATC lashes look gorgeous though! :)

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