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Collective Haul + Mini Review April 2010



Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Concealer Primer

DSC07178Forever the Benefit junkie; I am a sucker for anything Benefit!  When I saw this it look very little persuasion for me to grab and run!  Just ask Vicky!  This is Benefit’s answer for those who want to conceal their dark circles and not have to fuss with a primer as well!  It keeps your eye shadow in place all day (as would Urban Decay’s UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and it conceals my DSC07179dark circles well. 

The downside?  It comes in one shade which I find absolutely horrendous; what is that about?  You can still use it as a base for light eyeshadows whatever skin colour you are blessed with but would not work as a concealer for anyone dark than I because even I find it to be slightly on the pale side.  Overall a fab product, am loving it and have been using it non stop!




MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks in Ravishing and Creme de Nude


I somehow managed to not take the pictures of the actual lipsticks but who hasn’t seen a MAC lipstick?

I picked up Ravishing which is a nude/peach/coral and I love that I can now rock my usual summer ‘coral’ lips without looking like a pop tart!  It’s going to be a fabulous colour for the up coming seasons and I’m particularly looking forward to pairing it up with a really warm pink gloss; I think it will look wonderful.  Along with it I picked up Creme de nude because I just can’t have enough variations of nudes and I do like it very much but I tend to use it on top of a darker nude to create more dimension.  I feel like it’s a bit too pale on its own so I will add a warmer gloss on top and voila!



Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation


Probably one of my most anticipated foundations; I’ve been wanting this longer than Make-up Forever HD foundation and even Nars Sheer Glow (which I WILL be getting some time soon!).  I’ve been watching the Pixiwoo sisters use this time and time again and I can never get over how flawless it makes their skin.  So I splashed out just to see what it was like.  In some ways I feel bad because in comparison it really does crush some of my drugstore foundations but I’m glad because I didn’t hand over a whole days wages for a bottle of rubbish.  This is absolutely fantastic, gives a beautiful medium-full glowy finish and it stays on for ages.  Next foundation I am wanting is Nars Sheer Glow and next Chanel product will have to be their new Chance perfume!



 DSC07186 Mac Give Me Liberty of London Collection Nail Polish in Blue India

Been a bit slow on the up take with most Mac’s collections.  To be honest since forever I haven’t been much impressed with many of Mac’s collections.  Does anyone feel like they are just doing them for the sake of it, not putting much thought into the products and selling products at a premium with no real value behind it?  That’s how I’ve felt which is why I buy little from any of their collections however this one little bird caught my eye and it’s quite a pretty colour I haven’t yet in my collection.  I also like the packaging; I’ve never been a dedicated fan of the formulations of these polishes however I still think they are decent quality and I’m excited to try this out!




James Brown Intensively Glossy Rescue Treatment


This product deserves a whole review of its own.  If you’re in the UK you may know that this is being sold out almost everywhere (or otherwise I’m really as blind as I thought).  Last few months ago I had the most horrifying split ends and I was almost on the brink of shaving it all off and starting again when I came across a sample bottle from Glamour Magazine.  This made my split ends disappear somehow (you must think I’m crazy, right?).  When I use this I don’t even need a shampoo.  It leaves my hair feeling so freshly clean and  my hair feels strong, soft and like it’s just had a cut!  It’s rich, creamy and doesn’t lather up.  It soaks into the hair and only needs two minute for it to work its magic.  I am a loyal fan and it’s become one of my most loved products in the whole wide world!



Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Cream


I was sent this not long ago and I was a bit shocked because I hadn’t heard of this product at all.  I haven’t seen any advertisements on it and the only time I knew about it was the press release I was sent.  Interestingly enough when I received it the jar weighs a ton and I thought to myself that this was going to be packed with something seriously thick.  And it is.  But the product is basically E45; same smell, consistency, works the same…probably is the same.  Don’t waste your money!

Garnier Pure Active Spot-on Roll-on


Again, this was sent to me and I haven’t yet tried it because if you read on you will know that i have already found my ultimate spot treatment. I’m ever so slightly wary about the idea of rolling over a spot only to redo the same thing over and over again … bacteria infested roll on, anyone?  Personally I’m not rushing to try it but I think it may come in handy.  I’m not going to judge it, possibly will roll it on finger and then spot.  Has anyone tried this?



Origins Spot Remover


You will laugh when you know how much this tiny baby is.  £10.00.  I know, but wait for it.  This product is genius; it squashes all the other spot treatments I’ve ever used let that be Neutrogena, Lush, Clean & Clear and various home remedies.  This wonder in a tiny bottle has cleared up my skin it’s insane.  It’s as small as a contact lense case so its easy to take with you around.  I love that it an Origins product because I’m a big fan.  Next Origins product want is their Ginger Souffle!



Ambre Solaire Gloss Bronzer


When I was sent this I was both excited and overwhelmed; I’m one of those girls whos always wanted to do the self tanning but have chickened out every time but this year will be the year I do it, I’m sure!  This is supposedly slightly shimmery and is for your body so now I will have to find a matching face tanner or use this later in the summer when my face tans.  Can someone help me in the self tanning department?



Garnier Hydralock Moisturiser


Ooh I am looking forward to using this; it really moisturises me skin and feels great on the skin.  It leaves a soft, velvety finish and is not sticky and very light.  It’s pretty much what I wanted for my body now that more of it will be on show as the sun has come out. 

More on this product later…..




Botanics Face Soothing Cleansing Balm


Firstly, apologises for the clear evidence of my ‘mess’.  Don’t judge me, it’s been used up for so long and it’s gathered a bit of dustiness!  I’ve been waiting for my new one I repurchased because it is absolutely fantastic for melting off make up and cleansing the skin in the shower.  It leaves no trace of make up behind and makes me skin feel calm and settled as well as soft.  Another reason why I am a dedicated Botanics fan; and by the way, it smells fantastic!



Botanics Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse


I’ve been using this for a long time now and it’s served me well.  I can’t say I think it’s fantastic but there really is not much to complain about; it cleanses well and leaves my face neither dry or irritated.  I don’t feel it does much for my pores either; to be perfectly honest I’ve never been a great fan of mousse skin cleansers.  I think for what it is, it’s a great product and while I may not repurchase it’s probably because I’m looking for something better not because I hate it. 



The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream


Before you judge me, I know that this range is aimed at women with ‘first signs of aging’ but as far as I can see, my face is aging day by day.  With the kind of wear and tear it faces (ha, no pun intended) I’m starting to get serious lines around the eyes.  So I was deeply discouraged to buy the Wise Woman range eye cream from TBS by the ladies there so I opted for this.  So far it’s done not much but made the skin around my eyes feel very hydrated.  It’s very hit and miss miss miss with eye creams so we will see how it goes. 



The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Serum


Again, I know serums tend to be aimed at middle aged women but I really didn’t see how it would harm to try it out.  I’ve tried a couple of serums in my lifetime and so far my favourite is probably Estee Lauder’s Idealist; so far not much has compared.  I have yet to feel the benefits of this but I do like applying this before my moisturiser because I feel it gives it that little extra boost to my skin.  I haven’t suffered from much flakiness since which I am pleased about!



Simple Age Resisting Day Cream SPF15


If you want to know why I have ended up with this product then I can probably put it down to a couple of things; the SPF of 15, it’s ‘ingredients’ and it’s gorgeous packaging.  I’ve never been that much of a Simple moisturiser fan, not many have done much for me in the past and since I’ve by passed Simple when it comes to moisturiers.  However I found myself at the Simple section and noticed this Age Resisting range and something made me pick it up.  I do not regret this one bit!  It’s perfectly moisturising, is non greasy, gives my skin a matte finish, keeps my skin soft and supple and has no fragrance.  So I’m a happy girl and I love this!  I just wish it had more than a SPF 15, why cant I find a good day cream with a SPF of 30?

Thanks everyone for reading!  Happy shopping!  More hauls to come!


Cherry x


Yin said...

im loving the james brown shampoos too. =D it smells like my brilliant brunette ones. =)

Blue nailpoilish is in this season, I've seen them everywhere! Can't wait to see the NOTDs. =D

Wangamuffin said...

Great post! So many product reviews... Would you do a fuller review on the Pro Lumiere sometime?

Have you tried Benefit's Realness of Concealness concealer kit? It's amazing!

I got the James Brown rescue treatment free with Glamour too, was surprised at how well it works. It makes me sad how they still say it can't actually take the place of your conditioner, so I guess it's not actually doing anything good for your hair.

Definitely going to head out to Boots for the 4th time this week for that spot treatment! Haha. xxx

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