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Review: Origins Spot Remover

The Low Down


I remember my first spot like it was yesterday; it was a mixture of excitement and irrational morosity; I was so pleased to have stepped into the teenage years but at the same time I knew it was going to be a long battle of probably about ten years.  So, ten years have passed and I’m wrong – I’m still battling it.  Rather than hormones being the main culprit, I now find the triggers are stress, lack of sleep and awful eating habits.  I will find that in the summer I will have clear skin, usually radiant and bright because of a good intake in vitamin D, plenty of sleep, lots of happy days and relaxation.  However the moment it hits September my skin is absolutely awful especially during exam times and this actually applies around April or May because the immense stress from exams at this time is probably the worst.  That’s an understatement as to what’s happened to my skin this year; I broke out in a way I don’t think I’ve ever broken out.  I would probably go as far as saying I had serious acne problems and I’ve never claimed to have acne because I haven’t however this was something else I knew it wasn’t something that would leave quickly.  I struggled on with months and months of acne and up until recently I noticed it died down because coursework was over and I have had a good few days of rest.  However I noticed that the spots were still there but they were just not attacking me as ferociously.  I needed a decent spot treatment to clear the rest of the ones that just wouldn’t leave and that’s when I finally gave into buying the Origins Spot Remover.

I had heard of the recommendation from my cousin who is a loyal fan; the first thing I heard about it was it’s almost terrifying (OK, slightly scary, not terrifying) price tag and that it was an absolute miracle potion.  Now having tried a vast amount of drugstore spot treatments, I thought I tried it all.  However I decided to part away with £10 for this tiny bottle (as you can see, smaller than a contact lenses case) and really hoped for the best.

First think I must comment on is that the product is from one of my favourite brands, Origins.  This cosmetics (and now make up) brand does some truly wonderful products and definitely appeals to me; they boast a great line of naturally influenced soufflĂ©s and lotions and plenty of interesting elixirs and scrubs so next time you must check them out if you haven’t already.  If you’re in the UK you will find them in large department stores such as House of Fraser.  The product contains no more than 10ml which isn’t a lot but I can tell you it is sufficient.

The gel contains no harmful ingredients and you will find in it salicylic acid, oregano and clove bud.  This is particularly interesting use of ingredients but there is nothing better than natural ingredients that really do work.  This product also doesn’t dry out the skin as many other very strong spot treatments may do.  They suggest you use it once a day to begin with and then two-three times a day if needed. 

In terms of the consistency the gel feels very lightweight and it’s non sticky.  I almost doesn’t feel like a gel it’s more of just a clear liquid that isn’t too runny!  When you apply it using your fingers it seeps into the skin and disappears like water which is perfect; it leave no residue, stickiness or colour.  However one thing to be noted is that what it seems to do is form a protective layer on top of your spot so do not rub excessively or you will find small bits of the gel rubbing off of your skin!


And what do they claim?

You'll feel a mild tingle as blemish-busting Salicylic Acid invisibly zooms in on even the angriest blemishes to speed their banishment and reduce the look of redness, while nature's "spot-nots", Oregano and Clove Buds, help clear the look of things up. And if you've ever used a too-strong blemish treatment only to find your face flaking from forehead to chin, you'll love this speedy treatment. Unlike many blemish treatments that aggressively attack blemish with overly drying ingredients, Spot Remover® won't provoke tender skin or cause additional sensitivity.
HOW TO USE: Cover affected area with a thin layer. Begin with one application daily, increase to 2 to 3 times daily if needed. If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce frequency of application. Wear under makeup or alone. It's invisible!
Warning: For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Using other topical blemish medications with this product may result in increased dryness or skin irritation. If this occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician. Spot Remover® is ideal for all skin types.  -


How did it work for Cherry?

I am really impressed with this product and have become a total convert.  What I love most about this is that it doesn’t dry out my spot too harshly.  What I used to always hate about any treatment, let that be Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, regular toothpaste or aspirin, all of these would dry my spot out and inflame it.  So it would become sore and then it would dry and flake off therefore my make up application would be absolutely horrid. 

I also love that it works relatively quickly; something worth noting is that I’ve found that it does make a spot slightly harder first.  This I find great because it stops a spot feeling tender and vulnerable and after two to three days depending on the spot it will disappear without having thrown  a tantrum and totally ruining your face. 

How can you use this product?

I use this morning and night after I have cleansed my face; I usually apply this after my moisturiser and it is perfectly fine to dab on a tiny bit if you have make up on as it dries phenomenally quick. 

Cherry’s Final Verdict

So overall I am in love with it and I hope this stops having effect on my face; I would happily pay out £10 for a small bottle of something if it worked and this definitely does for me.  I would recommend it for those who are desperately looking for a spot treatment if others are not working for them, particularly for those who have dry skin like me. 

Finally I want to mention that if you are using and liking or have used and liked Lush’s Grease Lightning then you will love this.  It’s also a product which contains plenty of natural ingredients, it works better but feels very similar.  I was an advocate of Lush Grease Lightning but stopped using it because of A) the pump and B) my skin became a bit resilient and it stopped working as well in time.  This is the better alternative in my opinion so I urge you to try it! 

I will award this product a 5/5.  I would give it a 4/5 because the price tag is slightly high but at the same time it’s hardly £20 and considering it works and it’s kind to my skin, I feel it deserves the full five cherries!




Cherry x

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TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

great review~ glad this worked well for u :]
i did consider this little miracle, but the size of it was offputting :/
i use mario badescu's drying lotion, which containt calomine lotion, and it works very well too.

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