Thursday, 6 May 2010

Westfield Shopping with Vanity-Fashionista Vicky!

Oh lord help me.  I can’t help myself especially when I’m at Westfield; there is definitely something wrong with me.  I’m going to stop shopping after this…and after my ASOS, Honeycolor and two other packages come…or is it three? Damn.  So here are some pictures of the day and also what I bought!

DSC07617 DSC07618


Vicky and I eating at Pho, eating delicious Pho!  I can’t help but go to this place at Westfields; it’s found inside the food court and I just love it so much! 

I also like Square Pie and there are some other really nice places I’ve yet to try there so I shall be visiting more often.



DSC07626 DSC07620 DSC07632 DSC07631

The day out was extremely satisfying; we walked for about six hours straight but it didnt seem like it at all.  We made sure we made time for a ‘Snog'’ which I think was delicious but not what I imagined.  But still nice; I just wish I had enough calorie allowance for those cup cakes!

So on to the things that I bought…


DSC07638 DSC07639DSC07646

Firstly I picked up some Radox handwashes; I know what you’re thinking but hear me out.  I use these babies to deep clean wash my make up brushes!  I want to have  a whole article on this in the near future so I won’t go too deep into it.  But it’s fantastic and having tested out a whole variety of handwashes I have to say these are the best I’ve used so far! 

I also picked up MAC’s Prep and Prime.  Having wanted to buy the Laura Mercier foundation primer but put off by the price, I turned to this well known product.  I hadn’t thought much about it but decided to try it out.  I had no idea it was such a small tube!

I also finally gave in and bought Revlon’s Photo Ready foundation.  My shade is ‘Nude’.  I’ve tested it out and by gosh it’s very shimmery in bright light but in the day light it seemed fine!  Also it gives amazing radiance.  So I’m yet to have a verdict but so far it still excites me!


DSC07640 DSC07641

  I also picked up another facial sponge and a new facial buffer; both from The Body Shop.  The facial sponge I was using from Superdrugs was beginning to look a bit dull which was a sign to me that it was no longer clean enough to keep using.  This one is £1 more expensive and now having used it a couple of days I can feel that this is of better quality but I feel like it does the same job (it is bigger though).  Also got a Facial Buffer to help with exfoliation; I ditched that facial brush to check this out.  Perhaps I will like it even more?

Also L’Oreal mascara in Double Extension.  I haven’t used one of these two part mascaras since I was a young teenager and the idea of priming my eye lashes began to get me excited again.  So I’m hoping for something good, I tried it once and thought it was ‘ok’ so I’m hoping to find a better method.

DSC07642 DSC07645

Also I was recommended this liquid eyeliner from L’Oreal and I think it’s absolutely fantastic.  It’s got a stiff felt tip like tip and it dries quickly.  It’s easy to use and doesn’t make my eyes sting or itch so hurruh!

Also the lady at MAC pushed me to buy MAC’s prep and prime transulucent powder.  I was a bit cheesed off but I don’t regret it because I love it.  I love  it more than ELF’s HD powder and in ways I’m glad because this cost considerable amount and I would hope it did considerably more!

DSC07643 DSC07644 +


Also this is Revlon’s new shade of lipgloss called Peach Petal which a lot of gurus are favouring at the moment.  It’s a nice, milky, warm peach pink and looks lovely on top of loads of lipsticks as well as on its own.  This is my first Revlon lip gloss I believe so I will be wearing this for the next week.

Also I got yet another Revlon Matte lipstick because I believe they are amazing!  This is Mauve It Over and it’s great!  It’s accentuates my natural lip colour and makes it look plump without it being glossy.  Amazing!

DSC07647 DSC07648

Botanics have changed the packaging of their Face Soothing Cleansing balm and it’s now in a plastic tub which looks and feels a lot cheaper than its heavy, glass predecessor.  Never mind, its the same amount of product which is more than what I can say for companies like MAC who changed their pigment sizes whilst keeping their price static. 

Finally this is Rimmels Moisture Renew lipstick is Nude Delight.  Do I need another nude lisptick~?  No.  Do I love Nude Delight?  Hell yes!  It’s another amazing nude, peachier than my current favourite nude lipstick which is Nude Attidude from Revlon Matte lipstick range.  I adore this because of the formula too!


Right that’s it everyone, reviews coming soon!


Cherry x 


LRWade said...

The facial buffer is fantastic. I ditched all my face washes and exfoliators and face masks after trying this. Not I use it in the shower with just soap and my face has been in fantastic condition for 2 years now. :)

*Peonies and lilies* said...

Pho looks delicious, I must give it a try next time I go shopping. The burrito place is yummy as well x

TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

Oooh yummy food :D and I like your lovely haul :]

The revlon lipgloss is so nice, i'm thinking of getting another!

Great post x

Kmarie said...

I bought the exact lipgloss you have, but in a different shade - 'nude lustre' and 'coral reef'. I think they are fab! I was planning to get Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick in 'nude delight' but I couldn't find it at my local Boots :( I think it was sold out or something. I've heard good reviews about it, that's why I wanted to buy it lol. I also have the Super Liner by L'Oreal, it's great. But at the moment I use ELF's black cream eyeliner, which I would definately recommend :)

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