Friday, 21 May 2010

The Mole Removal Story (+ LOTD)


Not that long ago I announced on my Youtube channel that I had ‘secretly’ gone off to do a spot of surgery; it was nothing ‘big’ so I had not announced it before it hand after all it was only a mole removal.  Or rather it was several mole removals. 

A lot of people have messaged me to ask about the surgery and for a number of reasons; some were out of curiosity and some were because they had done it or want to do it so needless to say there are many questions to be answered.  So if you have asked me a question I will try my best to answer them here in this blog entry. 

So if you’re wondering what moles I removed, they were the one of my nose and the ones by my eyes.  Actually many remain on my face but I got rid of the first three that annoyed me the first.  I especially disliked the one on my nose and so having thought about it since I was probably about 11 (the same time I started caring about my looks) I thought it was time to do it.  I had a good 10 years to think it over and every day I was sure I wanted it done.  So ten years later and I’ve done it.  Was it a good decision to make?  We will find out soon enough!

So I think before I go into the actual nitty gritty, I feel like it’s important to address the emotional elements of the why and how.  It’s probably considered one of the most important factors before going into any type of surgery because there is always the idea of regret or even trauma.  I know this is only a mole removal but it’s also the human face; these days, the face is what brings in the money. 

So my decisions for the mole removal was simply because I just had enough of it being there.  You can’t quite say that I was ashamed of having it or embarrassed, I just felt it got in the way whenever I took pictures or put on make up.  It seemed like it didn’t matter how great my foundation or skin looked that day, the mole seemed to represent to me a genuine flaw.  I mean I didn’t hate it so don’t get me wrong because I know it’s tiny.  I also know what you’re thinking; you’re wondering why such a small mole would bother me.  Since having it done people have said to me that they didn’t realise I had a mole on my nose and those who did thought it cute.  I’m not shocked to be honest because I’ve come to learn that what you may be very conscious about, no one else really notices or cares for that matter.  But I didn’t like it!  It was just a mole that seemed to come from no where (I Wasn’t born with this or had this as a young child!) and it seemed to get darker and more obvious.  I Just had quite enough of seeing that mole every time I took a picture. 

As for the other two on my face, I didn’t quite mind them at all but I took them away for different reasons.  Something that is hard to talk about because it’s a hard cultural boundary to cross is the topic of  Chinese facial readings.  It’s very hard to appreciate if you have no idea what it is and have never been close to this practice from a young age; there are countless Chinese people who are not familiar or accepting to this practice and so I wouldn’t expect anyone to really understand my understanding of it.  But basically in the art of Chinese face readings, it is said that moles on the nose are a bad sign of bad marriages and futures while moles around the eyes signify many tears and troubled times.  Actually in this practice moles on the face generally are not considered fortunate and while some mean more than others, it’s best not to have them.  If you want to know more about this art we can discuss this another time but it’s one of those subjects that I feel is wasted on those who are very closed minded.  If you want to know why I believe these things then it’s like asking why some people believe that there is God or why some believe in Karma…or maybe witchcraft.  It’s just one of those things and I was trying to explain this to a good friend today and he seemed apprehensive (or rather completely resistant) on the idea…and he is Chinese!  But my theory is that it’s good to believe in these things only because it doesn’t do you much harm.  I remember the saying is ‘better safe than sorry’?

So we’ve covered why I did it, when I decided to do it and the other reasons behind it.  Now I guess I Should talk about when I actually did it.  The procedure actually took place last Saturday which I believe was the 15th May 2010 and so it’s almost been a week since having it done.  I’m booked in to see the doctor a month later just to check up on things… I hope it’s heeled by then because while the ones by the eyes have done well in healing, the one on my nose is particularly having a hard time.  The procedure took approximately 45 minutes but really the actual removal is very quick.  The doctor removed all three moles are the same time so I left the surgery with plasters all over my face!

So what’s involved?  I’m not a doctor so it’s not going to be quite accurate in what I’m saying but I can tell you the basic steps.  My face was injected with a local anaesthetic and that kind of hurt.  You have many nerves on your face so it was very uncomfortable to say the least.  Then he beings removing the mole; now mole removals tend to be either ‘cut out’ therefore leading to stitches otherwise if they are small like mine then they are just ‘shaved’ off.  My mum had hers cut out because they were large and about the skin surface so she had stitches.  So after this he uses something (that I have forgotten the name of) and he will basically burn your skin to seal it off.  At this point you will smell burning flesh which made me feel quite sick but it didn’t last for the long.  The worst part of this is probably the fact that the local anaesthetic didn’t work too well on the mole on my right side of my face so I felt most of it…. I’m not usually a wimp but that really did not feel nice!

Overall the experience wasn’t too traumatising but I have to say I’m not rushing to go get more done any time soon.  I don’t want to scare you because it’s really not that bad! 

Now the question of cost popped up quite often.  Firstly I will have to say that I met this doctor when he removed my Mum’s mole and he was a doctor who she was referred to through her GP therefore it was on the NHS.  However when I asked him at the time if he would remove mine he said that as there were not a danger to me, it would be purely a cosmetics case and therefore will have to be done privately.  Therefore I did it at his private surgery which means it was done as private prices.  Now prices really do vary because there are some places that charge £200 per mole and some more and some less.  My doctor was charging £100 per mole and as with most places, the more you do the cheaper it becomes per mole therefore I paid £150 for three to be done which in effect is not too bad!  So it’s going to be different depending on where you are and who you go to. 

So if you want to get your moles removed there are firstly a couple of things you must consider.  The things I suggest you think about is how important it is to you that it is removed and what benefits it will give you when it is gone.  Then you must consider whether you feel its more a cosmetics surgery or whether you think its a danger to your health (i.e. possibilities of Cancer etc) and so if it is the latter, your best bet is to go to your GP (your local doctor) as if you are worried, they can and will do it for you for free!  I kid you not, this is a known fact and I know people who have done this.  If you state that you feel it is changing in shape, feel or colour and they agree it may be dangerous then they will remove it on the spot for you.  However if you find they do not agree, they may well refer you to someone (or themselves) who can do it for you privately.  The best thing to do is to make sure they have a good reputation and positive feedback from previous customers and don’t forget to shop around before committing yourself.  If you feel you can trust the doctor then go with it!

Now there is the topic of scarring to discuss.  According to my doctor, scarring only really occurs for those who have the larger moles and those who need stitches.  For minor moles like mine there will be very minimal scarring.  Now if there is it is quite normal and I’m actually expecting scars just because my skin seems to love to scarring.  If you’re wondering what I’m doing to prevent scarring is I’m keep the areas hydrated and I’m trying my best not to touch them too much.  It’s important not to keep them too covered up and allow it to breathe.  Once the ‘wound’ is a bit more stable I will keep applying Vitamin E oil (or gel) in order for the scar to fade and also use my usual Aloe Vera gel all over the face which I have found over the years has evened out my skin tone.  I am also taking extra vitamin C supplements as it boosts the development of collagen which I hope means quicker and neater healing!

So I think I have covered everything.  If there are any more questions you are very welcome to ask here, in my chat box, via email or even formspring.  All that is left is to show you how much i CAM WHORED* myself rocking my little plaster and new eye shadow.  I bought two baked eye shadows from The Body Shop which is in their Summer Trends collection and I picked up Jade and Copper.  They are great duos to use for quick looks and so I thought I would use Jade today.  Enjoy the pictures!

*If you’re wondering why I made a point of CAM WHORING is because someone decided to tell me I was a ‘cam whore’ and in response to that I would say that yes I am and I’m proud of it.  So eat that!






Cherry x


TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

lovely camwhoring photos hehe =D
hope everything heals quickly for u =]
i feel the same towards surgery, as i'm going to have a bi-jaw operation for my underbite, and it's been on my mind ever since I was 10. I see it as cosmetic surgery with health benefits, but it's a facial correcting surgery with no cosmetic aims and luckily it is funded by the NHS :]
I have a mole above my lip, and minor freckles on my nose, but haven't given much thought about them.

Wangamuffin said...
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Wangamuffin said...
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Bonnie said...

You are looking very gorgeous Cherry! May I ask what lipstick you have on?

Anonymous said...

Where did u get these glasses????

Cherrychan108 said...

@TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ aw good luck on your surgery!

@Wangamuffin : thanks so much for your support!

@Bonnie: thanks Bonnie! I believe it's Rimmel's Nude Delight!

@Anonymous: they're from ASOS! x

Mole Skin Tag Removal said...

Thank you for sharing this. All I can say to some who will also decide getting rid of their warts is that-- While there are many ways to remove embarrassing warts, when you select one, be sure to select one that will kill the root of it.

Bianca said...

This is such a great post! BTW your make-up & your eyes looks amazing. If you don't mind me asking - what kind of contact lenses are you using on this pic=).

Anonymous said...

hi der, I recently had my mole removed by laser...after skin is still pinkish in colour.can u tell me hw long ur skin took time 2 heal??pls reply.

Cherrychan108 said...

well it was different for me, it was pink for a bit but because it heals with a scab it was a scab for more of it. when the scab came off, it was pink for maybe a day or so. it took about three weeks for it to heal completely. keep the wound moisturised and out of the sun. take some vitamin E supplements and just avoid putting anything on it x

Amber001 said...

Hey :) I was just wondering what the name of the place you got your mole removed was called and if they had a website. Thanks.

Mary said...

Hi CherryChan, I had came across your blog through your youtube video. I was doing some research about mole removal and I saw you. I want to know who did your procedure, was it a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist? I want to get my mole removed too. And did you shave your mole off or you cut it? I would really appreciated if you reply back to me. Looking forward to hear from you. :)

kerrianrichard said...

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