Monday, 16 August 2010

BarryM Limited Edition Nail Polish 030

DSC00870 Okay, I know I said I was on P10P but I couldn't resist the 2 for £5 deal on BarryM Nail Polishes (in both Superdrug and Boots btw). 

The reason this naughty purchase happened was because I was dry out of base coat nail polish (yay for P10P!) but I was starting to struggle without it.  For me, it is a necessity because nail polish is what makes me happy.  I'm serious!  I went without a base coat once recently and I ended up with stained yellow nails, so I now refuse to use it without protection (remember this, boys and girls).

So I decided to put a base coat as a necessity...after all, the BarryM base coat is also a top coat as well as a nail hardener at the same time.  So is that not nail care?

Seeing as it was Limited Edition and there were no other ones catching my eye I picked up this pretty lilac-magenta purple bottle and decided this was going to be my colour of the moment.

A gorgeous one coat does the trick and definitely makes me smile.  It's like a burst of spring time with a sprinkle of feminine charm; it's everything you would want in a nail polish. 

Have you run out to get this baby yet?


Cherry x


London's-beauty said...

I wanttt that!!!! What a preddy colour. :)

Louise said...

I love it! I want it so bad as I don't own a lilac in my collection! Oh mann, something else to add to my wishlist, but I better get this quick

Katie - KayGeeBeauty said...

Im gonna be rushing out to get this after work!!

To me it looks like a dupe of (if a little more lilac) Essie - Splash of Grenadine which i am in love with.


Charming Vanity said...

I love the color! It's so glossy!

TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

i havent :O but thats so gonna be mine tomorrow!!! xD i need new nail colour!

lovely pic =]

*Peonies and lilies* said...

Such a pretty colour! x

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