Friday, 13 August 2010

New Nail Polish Storage NEEDED + Raspberry Zebra Nails


It's getting a bit ridiculous isn't it?  What once used to be ample storage space for my modest nail polish collection, has become an overcrowded tool box of confusion and colours.  Love it as I might, I think I need a bigger box if not for the fact that one day soon the lid won't close, then because I absolutely cannot stand rummaging through all those nail polishes looking for one colour, and not piling them all back in.   I will have to find a different way of storing them ... any ideas?

While I'm at it, I thought I'd show my nails for today.  Having had an in depth conversation with a friend about the colours of deep cherries, I started to crave for a juicy dark red colour and one of my favourites is BarryM's Nail Paint in Raspberry.  So I decided to go for an animal print, zebra if you will, with a complimenting white strip to give it a modern feel.  What do you think?


What's your go-to statement colour?


Cherry x


Discombobulatedd said...

Love the nails! I've got Raspberry polish on my nails right now :P


Simarjit said...

i love that colour!! its one of my fav. colours. :) xx

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oh dear, that is a rather crowded box! Your nails look wonderful. My go to olour is probably green or holographic :)

~Lisa said...

LOL, you have a lot of polishes!! I put mine in a box slightly smaller than a shoe box =P

Vicky said...

I tend to reach for blues for a quick statement.

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