Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wedding appropriate attire

What to wear to a wedding?

These days I find dressing up for a wedding to be a lot less complicated than it used to be.  In the old days, going to a wedding meant you had to wear something smart/formal and anything too bright/colourful/revealing/short/etc was out of the question, at least at an Asian wedding anyway!

In 2010, weddings seem to attract the strangest of fashion senses, perhaps it's an indication of warped taste or maybe some think weddings are now a chance to party up as opposed to celebrate in style.  I didn't feel comfortable enough to take pictures of the fashion victims at the wedding however I did take pictures of my family and friends and particularly, what my sister and I wore.  I thought I'd show you one of my favourite outfits; I've worn this outfit to several different events, all accessorised differently with different hair styles, brooches, ribbons, shoes, bags, make up etc.  For me, you should always wear something that won't clash for the bride or her maids/maid of honour; you should look groomed and well presented.  This means, nothing fluorescent or too shimmery!


Above is a picture of my brother in law, my sister, the bride and myself.  I'm wearing my laced blazer from River Island and my Miso floral dress from Republic.  I didn't manage to find a picture of my shoes but I'm wearing my favourite brown heels and carried my Louis Vuitton messenger hand bag. 

I'm particularly pleased with my Sister's outfit because we've always had a problem when it came to buying clothes for her.  She has a very particular taste and often she finds it hard to pick up softer and more feminine pieces.  We were looking for something that didn't scream attention yet something pretty and that she could wear again. 


We picked a beautiful tea dress from Miss Selfridge which happens to be on sale at  the moment!  It's beautifully understated and what's great about something like this is that you can wear any outer wear with this and change up the colour arrangement.  The frills are very 'fall/autumn' and the colour is absolutely timeless.  The beauty about a tea dress is the versatility and if you shop smart, this can take you through many years to come!


What would you wear to a wedding?


Cherry x


Sam Jang said...

:O THIS IS PERFECTTT!!! I'm going to a wedding this saturday and i was so confused as to what to wear xD sankyuuu <3

~Lisa said...

You guys look purrty!!

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