Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Goodbye Summer, What's up Fall?

Summer is slowly ticking away for us  here in the UK and why I'm sad to wave good bye to beautiful weather, obligatory ice cream, obsessive SPF, hot topless men and beach wave hair, I'm also quite excited about Fall coming along.

I love Fall (or Autumn, as we say here in England) because I adore the chestnut coloured trees and the cool breeze against the dimming sun; there is nothing quite like walking in warm rain.  But one of the best things about Fall is the transition in fashion and how comfortable I am with it.

For me, Fall is about layering, smart dressing that sees bringing small parts of Summer into your warmer attire and enjoying the feel of different fabrics.  One of my favourite additions to cooler weather clothing is actually ladies knitwear.  While I think a cute boyfriend knit cardigan is always cool to throw on, I enjoy the more feminine kind because it suits my shape and style more. 

Knitwear can be disastrous if you don't accessorize well or if you overdo it; far too often do I see cardigans being slung on without thought and usually rather than complimenting, it destroys a person's shape and outfit. 

To wear your knitwear right this Fall, remember to find pieces that are the right length for your body; also chunky knitwear isn't for everyone (I'm a fine example of that) and never wear too much knit wear in one go unless you want to look like granny's knitting basket.

Here are some pieces I've seen around that are totally inspiring me this Fall.



L_p0013434225  d


And here are some pieces that a few of my favourite designers produced this A/W 2010.



Sophistication at Prada RTW AW2010


70s Country Chic at Anna Sui RTW AW2010


Statement Scarf Style at Issey Miyaki RTW AW2010


Sexy oversized cardigans at Stella McCartney RTW AW2010

Are you looking forward to Autumn/Fall?


Cherry x


KittyBonkers said...

I am very looking forward to Autumn and the new collections!! Swapping my current cardigans for chunkier woolier ones and jumpers over my cute summer dresses :D And buying the boots I have had my eye on for a while haha!

Kei Kei said...

I agree with you :) I love Autumn fashion because of the neutral colours and layering.

Also you get to accessorize with more, for example cute scarfs and jackets! I cant wait to go back into my wardrobe for that transitional change!


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