Saturday, 7 August 2010

Project 10 Pan Query

I just need to be enlightened but ...

for those who have done the whole P10P shabang, can I Hair Care products count?  Surely that is a necessity as is skincare which apparently doesn't count?  But if that was the case... would make up not be a necessity too?  How can we define this?  Doesn't it just depend? 

Someone, please clear this up for me!


Cherry x


Nhung said...

I dont think haircare counts xD Sorry!

I also think P10P is kind of weird. I think it should be for people to use up makeup they dont use anymore or often but I see people use up stuff they need/use everyday and would just repurchase right after it ends which kind of beats the point because the un-used makeup will remain un-used.

Discombobulatedd said...

Include products that you want, it's your project 10 pan so anything goes :P
That's what I would do, lol. :D


Anonymous said...

I see P10P as a way to stop yourself from buying uneccessary things. So if it's shampoo or something then you do need to have it, so it doesn't count either for using it up or buying more. But you could just use whatever is in your bathroom.

doriosity said...

I think anything and everything is game if it falls under these rules

1) if it is something that you should use up
2) if it is something that you have alot of (ie shampoo can count if you have other unfinished bottles)

BUT I also think that Project 10 Pan should be tailored to your own needs, becaus not everyone has the same "product fetish" as I like to call it.

so in my opinion, if you want to use it up get rid of it, then by all means put it into your project 10 pan.

I have a project 10 pan for lip products only. I am not allowed to buy any lip products until I finish 10 lip products.

.nicole said...

I'm pretty sure hair is not something that would be considered for P10P.. simply because haircare is important. you need shampoos and conditioners, and you SHOULD use heat i dont think it would be considered something for P10P

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