Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Eyeko Creams and Eyeko Nail Polishes continued...

Recently I was sent few products from Eyeko to try out and boy, am I pleased!  I was sent their Limited Edition 3in1 Cream which now has 'Extra Glow' to try and so I thought it would be a good time to compare its original to the new limited edition. 


Left :Original 3in1 Cream
Right: Limited Edition 3in1 Extra Glow Cream


The original 3in1 cream moisturises the skin, highlights the face and supposedly works as an eye cream.  I am guessing that the eye cream claims from its hydrating properties and its light reflecting qualities but I haven't heard many people using it for this purpose. 

The new Limited Edition is not as dense as the original and gives a different highlight and also it contains jojoba and vitamin E.  The original look gives a yellow warm hue while the 'Extra Glow' gives off a pearlescent shimmery highlight.  Below are some pictures to show you the difference.



Left :Original 3in1 Cream
Right: Limited Edition 3in1 Extra Glow Cream


The picture above shows what the creams look like applied to the skin but not yet blended in.  I wanted to show you the texture as well as an obvious difference.


Left :Original 3in1 Cream
Right: Limited Edition 3in1 Extra Glow Cream


When blended in, these give off completely different highlighting results.  While 'Extra Glow' gives a brighter and lighter appearance, I can't help but enjoy both creams because the original look is much more warm and sun kissed; use this under a mineral skin finish by MAC (such as By Candlelight) and this really creates a gorgeous glowing look to the face.  I do like the new 'Extra Glow', this is a great all-round highlighter and will look lovely all year round.

Currently these creams retail at £8.00 per pot on Eyeko's website but I think they are great value because they truly last for a very long time as little goes a long way.  These creams are very dense and give decent colour pay off.  If you do happen to be spending at Eyeko, please use my Ambassador Code:


Moving on, I wanted to talk about two more of the Eyeko Nail Polishes.  Previously I had written a post about their nail polishes which you can find here.  I had mentioned that I previously had lost one of my favourite Eyeko nail polishes which was 'Nude' Polish.  Thankfully, Eyeko sent over another one to replace it and I was completely overjoyed!  Here is a swatch of this gorgeous pink nude:



Eyeko Nail Polish in 'Nude'

I adore colours that take zero thinking power to apply; this is definitely a no brainer because it goes with absolutely anything and looks particularly gorgeous in the Spring time!

They also kindly sent over Cosmic polish which was one of the few that I am missing from my collection.  I am so pleased because out of the few that were missing, this is the one I was really wanting to get my hands on.


Eyeko Nail Polish in 'Cosmic'

Cosmic polish is rock glam in a bottle; the gorgeous liquorice black with multi coloured sparkles really makes it look like you've dipped your fingers into space!  It's glossy and dries very quickly, it's my current favourite and obsession.  The sparkles are not too chunky like glitter and it's not fine enough to be shimmery; it just looks like stars in the galactic!  I love it!

What's your favourite Eyeko Product?


Cherry x


Charming Vanity said...

OMG...i love the nude nail polish...argh..i wish they have it in the country i shipping is such a pain..

Anyway great review!


MilknCookiie said...

I still haven't tried out some Eyeko products yet, but they look very good quality. 'Cosmic' is a real pretty nail polish..I think I might know what I'm going to try out first haha~

★ Cookiie

Vicky said...

xsparkage vlogged about the Purple Polish, but I can't find it on their website. Have you heard word of it?

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