Monday, 2 August 2010

Best and Worst of July 2010

July has been and gone and it was a crazy month for me; I want to share some products that has got me through this month and put a smile on my face.


Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser


If you have not yet read my review for this product then please check it out here.  I have been using this product every summer and it's particularly appreciated on hot days.  It's disappointing to know the amount of people who don't actually like this; I think it's very hard to colour match with this product and I'm lucky enough for it to match mine!  I personally don't find it cakey and like that its neither too heavy nor too sheer.  A win for me. 

Claire's Accessories Blusher - Discontinued


I won't ramble on about this one because I'm almost certain you can no longer find this in stores.  This was passed down from my equally as fashion/beauty obsessed best friend, Vicky, who had a few in a stash (this girl collects, a lot).  I had kept it at the back of my storage for a while and when I tried it out I was pleasantly pleased.  What it does remind me of are my love for blushers and bronzers that come pressed in gradient shades.  I love the versatility of that concept and I think it means consumers like us can save on buying so many different colours. 


Beauty UK Palette - Earth ChildDSC00572

Beauty UK palettes, which are found in Superdrug or on the Beauty Uk Website, are great value and worth checking out.  Each palette comes with 10 complimenting colours and there are a six different palettes to choose from.  This palette should take you all through out the year and you can create classic, timeless looks or even dramatic smoky eyes.  The eye shadows have some minor fall out but it doesn't bother me too much; I experience similar happenings with Sleek products and they are still amazing to me.  I would snap these up quickly because they are becoming increasingly popular and that only means prices will rise.  So at £3.49, what have you got to lose?

This is a quick smoky brown look I did with this palette.  Simple! 

Garnier Spot-on Roll-on


This has helped me zap my spots well in the month of July! My skin seems to have become quite immune to the Origins Spot Remover (don't worry, this happens with me!) I have had to seek out other spot busting products and this is the one that's come out on top.  I wouldn't recommend this for sensitive skin but it will work well for those who keep getting red blemishes and need to battle them quick time!  Overall a decent product and I will remember this one in the future when I need a spot busting boost.


L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes



I will be doing a review on this soon but I will tell you that it's become my go-to mascara this month.  It lengthens and gives enough volume but not too heavy to become spider-lashes.  It some how gives me a fuller set of lashes ('millionizing' them I guess!) and doesn't clump up my lashes due to a relatively thin formula and a good stopper on the tube to stop excessive amounts of mascara gathering on the brush.  Overall, a quality mascara from L'Oreal again! 


Blistex Intensive Moisturiser



The perfect moisturiser for the lips; a saviour for when I did my lipstick swatching video.  It doesn't give shine and doesn't sit on top of the lips like a lot of petroleum based lip products do.  This seeps into the lips and soothes really well.  Like a lot of the Blistex products, this is nourishing and definitely needed in every girl's purse.  This will be kept by  my side for when the weather turns cold and my lips will become dry. 


Garnier Hydrolock Moisturiser


A perfect moisturiser for those who hate greasy lotions and prefer the thinner formulas for legs, arms and feet.  This has been keeping my limbs soft and supple and has been a God-send every time I've rushed out of the door with shorts on.  Unfortunately it's doesn't contain an SPF otherwise it would be perfect.  This is a wonderfully thin formula but leaves your skin feeling smooth and most of all, not sticky!  Overall a quality moisturiser and a recommended product! 


Sleek Kajal Eyeliner - Nocturnal


This has been really easy to use and definitely speeds up the eye-lining process.  The Sleek Kajal Eyeliners are great for creating a dramatic winged liner or even good as a black base for your eye shadow.  The formula is somewhat waxy so it can slip and slide if its on the lower lash line and the weather is particularly warm.  This is sorted out with some black eye shadow on top which is normal practice for me.  Overall a good one to pick up for those who love a dramatic eye effect!


How has July been for you?




~Lisa said...

Oooh! I've never seen that Garnier roll on product! I hope it comes out in Canada because that would be soo useful ^^

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for the short reviews :) july has been pretty good for me, other than i was sick but still spirit was happy still hehe :)

Jodie_ox said...

I've never seen the earth child palette, i really hope my superdrug sells one and the sleek kajal! fingers crossed i can find them tomorrow!

Jodie x

Kei Kei said...

As you said I hope you do more of these sorts of videos. I like knowing what your fav. and worst products are. Thanks!

Also heads up I am going to do my first giveaway tomorrow :S


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